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Has anyone ever gone through a pregnancy with IBS?

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I am a sufferer of extreme IBS. I have diarrhea every day with no break. I do take 3 medicines, that work sometimes. Unfortunately, they don't work all the time. I can't live without the medicine, so I was wondering if anyone has ever gone through a pregnancy with IBS? If so, could they please give me some insight? I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to have children, and if anyone here, took medication while they were pregnant? Thanks!
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I haven't been pregnant before, but from what I've read on here on the board most women seem to have very few, if any symptoms while pregnant.------------------"I'm not a failure if I don't make it - I'm a success because I tried"-unknown
I was pregnant last fall. Unfortunately I miscarried at 10 weeks, but I don't think that was related to IBS, both my OB and my GP don't think so either. In the very beginning, like a few days before I even found out until 4 or 5 days after, I had some mild D (I am "normally" C with some shorter and longer D attacks, having a long one now). But after that, I had absolutely NO IBS symptoms whatsoever. For the first time in 4 years I felt completely normal, and could eat everything without upsetting my bowels. Just for that I'd like to be pregnant again... I was constantly nauseous from morning sickness though.Hope that helps some.Edith
Hi! I have had 5 pregnancies, and my symptoms were greatly improved during those pregnant months. I have heard this to be the case with a lot of people. While you are pregnant, your digestive system seems to S-L-O-W down, and that helps with IBS-D like you and I have. Just thought I would give you my two cents worth! Good luck!!! ~Laurie
I had 4 pregnancies,and all went well also.No medication for the "D",its true that it gets a little better while your pregnant,and I'm the "D" type,and it was okay,I didn't even have to take immodiums,once in awhile I'd get "D",but never nothing real serious.
Two pregnancies. Symptoms greatly improved and did not ever need meds. The first couple of weeks were rough though for some reason I had bad D for about two-three weeks but after that it was smooth sailing. I even had to take metamucil a couple of times and for the first time I was able to eat a lot of fruit!!! Good luck.
Two pregnancies as well. First went as the above posts mention, virtually no IBS symptoms. Sorry to burst your bubble here but the 2nd pregnancy was daily urgent D from conception to delivery. I gained only 10 lbs the entire time. Doc eventually told me to take immodium or he would have to slap me in the hosp on IV's because of the severity of the flare. I opted for the using immodium. Baby was & still is fine. However he told me to think real hard before becoming pregnant again. I have & we have decided I'm "done" . We are grateful for the two blessings we have. BQ
I've gone through 1 pregnancy and my ibs-d was gone. No ibs symptoms whatsoever. They also stayed away for about 9 months afterward. I'm pregnant again, about 8 weeks, and so far so good, thats one of the reasons I knew I was pregnant. Hopefully it stays this way.
Hi,I'm IBS-D, from my teens until now, had 2 pregnancies, during which there was no real change in the D-pattern, but I blame(d) that on the iron-pills I had to take, anything with iron in it (including spinach and endives and other veggies with iron)always gave me extra D, however most people get C from iron.Fay
I'm currently pregnant now(27 1/2 weeks) and I have both IBS-D and IBD-crohn's. During my first trimester, I had D all the time and I was upset because I couldn't take LOMOTIL like I had been for the D. It's category C. So all I could take was Immodium and I had to take three at a time to get the same effect that I was getting from the LOMOTIL.In my second trimester, believe it or not, I was constipated and some days I was completely normal which I haven't been in years!
I've in my third trimester now for about a week, and BAM, my diaherrhia has been back with a vegenance. It's not as bad as it was during my first, but is enough to aggravate me and make concerned. I have to take the Immodium, for that I could be assured that my little one still gets the nutrients that she needs, without my food going straight through me!If you are worried talk to your doctor. Each woman is different during pregnancy. There are meds that you can take while being pregnant and when you do, your doctor should give you a list of approved OTC drugs, and anything that is prescribed to you during your pregnancy is safe. Your doctor wouldn't prescribe anything to you if it wasn't safe for your baby.Best wishes to you....Brandi------------------Moderator of the Crohn's, Colitis & Inflammatory Bowel Disease forum
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Pregnant twice, lost 2nd. The first one, full term, was great - but I think I was eating alot healthier for the baby. The 2nd was unitl 6 months - complicated, but only got symptoms when it was very hot outside. Just take it one day at time. Breathing exercises will help in most situations.
Hello everyone..Thanks for the info. I don't know if its helpful though. I take both lomotil, and immodium AD, and an antidepressant. I still have bad days, on top of this. I know the antidepressant isn't safe during pregancy, and I asked my GI about lomotil, and all she said, was that an OB/GYN is not going to want anyone to take anything while they are pregnant. But, immodium AD, does not work for me alone. I just wish there was no so thing as IBS. I never had it, until I took Biaxcin(sp), an antibiotic, and cephalexin, another, this January. I was hoping, that it was only the good bacteria was destroyed in my stomach, but they ran every test, and then just finally said IBS. This diarrhea, everyday since january, is getting real old. But, I do appreciate the feedback from everyone.
Hey, I have 4 pregnancies --1st miscarried, and I have 3 healthy kids. My IBS improved greatly while pregnant. I was on an anti-depressant when I got pregnant this last time. The OB made me quit cold-turkey. I must say that the joy my kids bring me was far greater than the sickness I had to endure. But I'm lucky, my IBS is not as disabiling as some.
I have a question also like poopster.See i'm always on medication to help my ibs, been on a trcylic now for 4 years and i want to have a child as soon as we <husband and i> move into our newly built house, but i can't get off the anit'd's or the bad bad bad stuff comes back <i'm just bad bad right> so if i became pregant would this hurt the baby i know i would have to stop the anti's immediately but how do you cope with antid withdrawl and pregancy as well?What if i don't find out in time and i hurt the baby with the medication?Or maybe this medication is preventing me from reall getting pregnant due to the lack of sex drive you experience with it along with not feeling too sexy or in the mood while you have to run to the bathroom every five minutes.I've been wondering these things for a long time and feedback would be awesome.-------------------CadiaIM name: MedianAngelYahoo name: MedianCadia
Hey all, two preg. 2 kids. My symptoms improved quite a bit during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Cadia, Talk with your doc. Make sure he is aware of what you want and all the probs you have w/o the drug. There are antidepressants that can be taken during preg. You just need to find out if the benefit to you outweighs the small risk to the baby. I have chosen (at my psychiatrists suggestion) to NOT have any more as I am on Xaanax and it CANNOT be taken during preg and I am for the first time in 15 years able to go out without panic attacks. As this is the only drug we have found to work for me I have chosen to be done as I do not want to go back to living with the panic. Like I said TALK with your doc and make an informed decision if he doesn't listen and has an "absolutely not attitude", find another doc who will work with you Your preg may be treated as "high risk" depending on the doc.Just my 2 cents,Melissa
Wow... This is a great discussion and so relevant to a question that I have been wanting to ask.I am on a tricyclic antidepressant for IBS-D as well and am trying to wean myself off so I can get pregnant in the relatively near future. Does anyone know how long you have to be off the stuff before it is safe to try and get pregnant? SOmeone told me you should be off birth control pills for 3 months prior to conceiving. Ouch. That's a long time. Hope it is shorter for antidepressant meds.Also, has anyone tried the caltrate in the pink box for D? I am going to give it a try. I figure this is OK tot ake while pregnant so hope it works.
Party pooper, I weaned myself off of the trcylic i was on and all i did was buy a pill cutter and slowly take halves then quaters, i was doing great until the med stopped working and i had to go back on it and then had to go on some other trcylic instead, so i'm all messaed up now expecially if i become pregnant, my other Doctor told me once when i thgouth i was pregant that i could take the bentyl but not the anti and if i was pregant, and i just found out, then getting off the anti as soon as possible would be best and that it wouldn't harm the baby as long as i did get off of it and i was not too far along.Turned out i was not pregnant, but i do want to be very soon, but with all these meds i have no idea what i'd do.Also Partypooper the caltrate in pink box is what i take for the D, it worked well atfirst but now im on some many thing i havent a clue what is working and what is not.-------------------CadiaIM name: MedianAngelYahoo name: MedianCadia
Thanks for the info, Cadia.I just started the pink caltrate yesterday and am starting it slowly (just 1/2 pill yesterday and today) and then increasing it over the next few days if all goes well. I will let you know how it works for me.Do you take immodium? This is on my OB-GYN's "safe list" for pregnancy. Obviously, I am going to have plenty of that around when I get completely off the imipramine. I am down from 125 mg of imipramine to 75 mg and so far so good. The first few days were a little tough. You need to expect this though. Apparently, it is very common to suffer from "stomach flu-like symptoms" if you decrease your dose suddenly. So don't get too discouraged if this happens right at first. Keep me posted on your progress. Good luck to you!
I've actually put off taking any kind of medication for my IBS-D because I would like to have another child. I was hoping to wait until I was over 40 but I have been getting worse and made an appointment for next month to discuss medications with a doctor. I have 2 children and my IBS was a little better during pregnancy. I don't think I focused on it as much because of the thrill of being pregnant. I was definitely better for a couple of months while I breastfed. I think I was more relaxed at that time.Betty
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