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I'm scheduled to have a colon resection in April because of recurent diverticulitis problems. I also suffer from IBS D as well. Was wondering if anyone has had this surgery done, and what if any problems developed after the surgery. I will be having it done laparascopically, so there will not be a large incision made. Any info would help. Thanks
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I'm not sure if what I had several years ago is the same as what you will be having, but I had a sigmoid collectomy and it made me into a more "normal" person. I too have IBS D, diverticulosis, etc, plus I had kinking in the colon area. If it is the same operation, it was a bit rough but not terribly so. Recuperation period was average I guess and I am glad I had the surgery. Check with your doctor, and if it's the same (not being a doctor, I'm not sure), I can fill you in on the details. You can contact me directly at: Good luck.
HI, you two sound like the people I need to talk to. In breif, I have IBS C, they have found that I also have 3x the amount of bowel and twice the size colon of a normal person. They gave me colofac as a last resort to help with the pain that I suffer from, but it hasn't worked it just gave me terrible headaches
The surgeons want to remove my bowel and colon. They say they think it will stop the pain. (they hope) I am worried about it and since posting with this group am looking more into it. Is this the sort of operation you had or are having?????? Please email me at if you are able to help me too. thanks.
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