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Has anyone heard of this????

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My doc has told me that there is a device that is being developed that would act like a pacemaker in the gut. Eventually, you could get this implanted in your system, and it will keep your Colon moving. He told me that this is probably the only hope for me!! Anyone heard of this, or have any further info?Thanks, Kerri
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I have not heard of that one. How is the calcium making you feel today. Great news on the job.Linda
There have some experiments done on people to to pace the stomach. That would not be relevant for IBS, but for gastroparesis. I don�t think anyone is developing anything for other parts of the gut because there is not enough known about how they move normally. Such devices probably wouldn�t be useful for IBS even if they were possible.
Just a quick question, Flux. If motility is a huge problem for we IBS sufferers, why couldn't something like this help?
Pacing seems to make sense to make something go that is just sitting there limp (and the muscle is intact). That is the case with gastroparesis. In IBS, the problem (even if is the problem) is probably more a fine-tuning issue and it is hard to imagine a way to implement that kind of fine-control (that really means the motility is not really that large a part of the problem).[This message has been edited by flux (edited 11-17-1999).]
Your doc says this is the ONLY holpe for you? What about the new drugs which have an effect of antagonist or agonist? (sp?) They seem to , from what I understand, stop chemicals overproduction of brain chemicals to the brain, or increaset their action. Would this be a possiblitiy? Also, what is gastro. . . (can't remember the disease. Flux said experiments have been done with the pace maker git thing.LALA
Flux, I brought up the motility problem because I was referring to something someone mentioned when I first found this board. My problem comes from the fact that my Colon stops working completely. I have had x-rays taken in the middle of an attack( in between all the vomiting and D!) that proves this. Is that different from typical IBS? LALA, my doc has not brought up any meds like the ones you describe. I think I need to do some homework. But he did say that a pacemaker like device was my best or only chance for recovery.
Oh I forgot to ask, what the heck IS Gastroparises(sp?)?
What kind of X-rays did you have? I think you would have to have some kind of scintigraphy done to determine that colon "stopped working." Such a test requires separate X-rays over a period of several days. Gastroparesis occurs when the stomach holds onto food too long.
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