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Has anyone noticed sleeping pills...

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make you constipated in the morning? It is like they put my bowels to sleep too. Is it just me and a strange coincidence?
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What kind of sleeping pills do you take? I take a half of an Ambien every night and I have noticed that too. Jody
all sleeping pills, narcotic based, are constipation inducing. just like narcotic/opiate based pain killers. there are anti anxiety pills and muscle relaxers (of the valium family and others) that seem not to constipate but any opiate based sleeping pill sure will. no doubt about it. they do indeed put your bowels to sleep which is why everyone is constipated after general anesthesia. so there you go.
Yes'm. Those and pain killers (Aleve, anyways) both seem to slow things down for me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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