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Someone posted an article a few days ago saying there are a bunch of symptoms that occur more often in people with IBS - among these were frequent urination and skin rashes, which is the subject of discussion on another thread.I too have experienced frequent urination, to the point where I decided to get tested for diabetes as that is one of the symptoms. However, I came out fine with diabetes.If you a man, and there is pain when you urinate, and you have frequent urination, you may have prostatitis, a fairly common disorder that a swelling of the prostate gland, which makes you urinate more. A doctor friend of mind suggested that might be the cause, but since I don't have any pain I chalk it up to IBS.Wish me luck guys - I have my first appt with a GI tomorrow to see if I have Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's (ie, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which has symptoms similar to IBS but is more serious)
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