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I often wonder about too much serotonin in the gut (for IBS-D) speeding up gut motility way too much.
And a general serotonin imbalance. I often suspect that with myself. I don't know if perhaps others do too?
Of course, that wouldn't show any clinical signs in general investigations, colonoscopies etc.
Sometimes doctors will experiment with antidepressant SSRI drugs for IBS, which can sometimes help, and sometimes make things a lot worse.
I did some research tonight, and discovered a natural amino acid called "L-Lysine" is a serotonin antagonist, and in rat studies has definitely helped with (particularly stress-related) diarrhea (IBS-D?)

L-lysine is in many protein foods, including vegetable foods which contain protein. It is also available as a supplement.
I wonder if it could be helpful?
Has anyone tried it?
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