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Having a bad day....

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I've been pretty well for the last couple of weeks and even had normal bms over the last few days.This morning had a few things to do, was feeling good so ventured into town, no trouble. As soon as I got home, sat down, in the middle of sandwich........had to go, fast
My car is in the local garage, don't know if I can pick it up this afternoon??I now feel awful, fed up with myself and back to square one, what do I do now? Don't know whether to go back to Doc or just take a few immodium.Sorry for ranting, had to get this out , feel rotten.
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snookie...take those good days and think about them.....if your d is done for now, don't eat much....take some imodium if you have it-wear a pad if you need to...and get your car if you feel better. If not, wait until you do.Maybe the D you had will clean you out..and things will calm down. (do you use peppermint tea or anything else?)It's great you feel you can vent here...we all have those good days, then all of a sudden a bad spell. Unpredictability is the worst part of having IBS-D!Jeanne
Took the plunge and made another Doctor's appointment.I do drink peppermint tea, esp after dinner and that helps a lot.Am taking calcium but not sure if right one, will post separately.It really gets me down that IBS controls my whole life and a lot of the time my family's as well. My children missed out on their swimming lessons last night because of me, guilt trip or what!
Just want you to know that I started the calcium (Viactiv chews) four days ago--one with every meal. They are 500 mg calcium carbonate with no magnesium. They have vitamins D&K in them also. I know that Linda's email talks about Vitamin D, but she doesn't mention the Vitamin K and I wonder if that is problem? I have noticed a difference right away. No more D! I had one "incident" at work on Day Two which wasn't as bad as usual...just one BM, but it was not too bad and that was it. I have some cramping now and again but then it goes away with no D (which was not usually the case). Usually, as soon as the cramping starts, I know I'm in for trouble within an hour or less. I have times when I actually feel GREAT now which I haven't felt in a very, very long time. I want to THANK Linda and everybody else on this board for the advice because it has really helped me alot.
JosieDahling,Vitamin K may be a problem for some it they happen to be on a blood thinner. Calcium Carbonate 600 mg and Vitamin D 200 IU is the best place to start. The less you take the better. I am so glad you are getting some good results and as your system inside heals after a while it will get better. Take it slow and after a bit try to eat foods you thought you could not before and you may see they are not a problem anymore. I stay away from lettuce and too much tomatos sauce on things and I do not have a problem. I do eat lettuce at home without a problem I think some eateries put sulfites on the salads to keep them looking fresh and they can be a problem.I do say if you do have a bout from time to time it is usually short lived and not pain like before and even normal people have this from time to time. It takes a little time for the brain to adjust too that you can go out and not be afraid of an attack,Let us know how you do.Linda
Thanks, Linda. My Mom was on warfarin, and I know about the vitamin K/blood thinner problem. I'm not on coumadin/warfarin, so it's all good! I was just hoping the K didn't have anything to do with D because I like taking the Viactiv chews and want to continue doing so, but if K makes D worse, then I will stop and try to find a calcium out there without K. I didn't see anything about K in your email. I am staying away from bacon and fries, which seem to be a problem for me...anything greasy. It's difficult because I love all that stuff. It is making such a *huge* difference though. I am amazed by how much better I am feeling and it's only been a few days. Thanks a bunch!
Hey wee nookie! Most of us have been thru that "I feel great, I am finally over it" patchbut it doesnt last because there is always something in the wings waiting to drag you off the stage.After 18 years of trying everything there is only one product that has really given me a new life & that is Mangosteen Juice. Just try it, you`ll love the taste & the results, & it may fix up heaps of other annoying health probs you have learned to live with all your life as well. As God be my judge,I kid you not! There is a warehouse in Scotland. Lang may your lum reek
This is for everybody out there that has IBS/D. I finally got tired of this ruling my life. I found a great doctor who first did a colonoscopy and found absolutely nothing (yeah!) and I don't have to have another one for 10 years! He then said he had heard of Questran helping 70% of people with IBS/D so he put me on it to try and see how it helped me. I started taking it on March 21 and have had ONE bout of D since!!!! I went from having it daily to one in two months. This medicine is really safe I have researched it and so far it's been an answered prayer. I take it with orange juice first thing in the morning since it's a powder. It takes some getting use to but the orange juice helps plus I'm getting my "C" too. Anybody out there ~ mention this to your doctor and just see what he says and try it. Can't hurt to try it for a couple of months to see how your body reacts to it. I just went on a vacation with my two daughters and actually enjoyed it and had absolutely NO PROBLEMS! The draw back is I have gained 3 lbs. because I can EAT again and not have to worry about having D! I enjoy food so much because my stomach is not cramping and I'm not having to worry about it. Anyway, thought maybe this would help somebody out there. If anybody else has tried this please post. I'd love to hear another success story.
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