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headaches and upper back pain - tylenol is not helping.

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I have such a headache and upper back pain right now. I took tylenol but it doesn't seem to be helping....I am at work right now....any suggestions to help relieve this? I am drinking green tea with ginger right now.
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Here's my suggestion: go home
Seriously, Tylenol normally does the trick for me with back aches (I seldom get headaches). My dad uses that Aleve for his back.
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Well adding more meds may not be a good idea.How about a cool compress, or a warm compress (different people respond differently) on your forehead.Or do some gentle stretching exercises for your neck and upper back. One that I like besides standard roll the neck and shoulders around is to lie on something like a bench so you can put your arms out to the side like a T or a cross and while keeping the arms straight let the fall below you as far as possible. Sitting at a desk tends to pull all that forward, so letting stretch backward can help.If you can leave your desk for a break take a short walk outside while breathing fully and deeply.K.
Can you put some ice on the nape of your neck or just at the base of your skull? It always eases my headaches. I agree with Marier and kmottus, go home and/or stretch. This is what my tension headaches feel like...Take care,Donna
Thanks guys! I appreciate your help......
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