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I was diagnosed with IBS last year. However, my sister (who is not a doctor - ha!) doesn't think some of my symptoms fit IBS. At times I get very dizzy and get severe headaches. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this. I don't just get constipated and then get diarrhea, I feel very nausous, like I'm seasick. Just wondering!
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Hi Donna! Welcome to the forums! I will quite often also get a headache and nausea too when I have an IBS flare-up. I don't always get the headache, but I'd say about half of the time I do. But if you get quite dizzy, and the headaches are severe, I'd have your doctor check it out just in case.Renee
Thanks so much Renee. I don't think the headaches are necessarily severe, just annoying.... I'm basically trying to figure out how many of my symptoms are common to IBS.
Hi DonnaPlease read my posting dated March 2. I do suffer with tension type headachesCheersPeter
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