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Hello there, my name is Samantha Tallon I am 26 and from ireland, i have four kids and have known for a while i had ibs, but only just diagnosed after many blood tests to rule out all other options, it has become a big part of my life, i suffer from chronic menstruation pains too, and have allergies and atshma you name it lol,
. so sometimes i get rather down, my family are fantastic, and my partner is very supportive and is often worried and sometimes frustraed as i get the pain a few times a week sometimes, normall for the day. I feel a little like a pain in the behind, and i hold my partner back as sometimes he has t take the morning off work to help with the kids getting ready for school. He doesnt drive or anything, so i still have to be mobile, and sometimes, its hard. As i am sure you all know the pains can be rather crippling at times. Mine is mainly constiptation, i rarely get diahrea, once maybe twice a month, and here in Ireland in Gorey where i live, its all the one condition not broken down, there arent many services here, some day i hope there is. I am now looking to make friends, and share my positive and negative expieriences, and be shown a little about living with ibs and what changes can help. So after a long chattering,
i think its time, i said, hello to all the other sufferers and thanks for letting me join!Samantha TallonGoreyCo Wexford
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