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hello everyone...

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long time no worsening things for 2001:missing my mouth with the water glass.constantly hitting my hands and feet on things.irritablity.nausia.absent mindedness.clumsyness.things that are better:love.acceptance.friends.plants,though some bug problems.6 to 4,hummm...good wins by a long shot.good health to all!!denny
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Hey Squrts:It has been a long time. How was your holidays? Mine were very hectic, but nice. Got to see some old friends and of course my family and Rick's family. Doing another round of celebrating this weekend. After all this is done I just want to veg for awhile. Just need this cold weather to co-operate a bit more. It's warming up the next couple of days in Southern Ontario. Going up to -2 celcius. Over the holidays it was about -25 factoring in the windchill. Darn near froze my patooty off. For 2001 I'd like to eat better, lose weight, manage the fm better, learn to not worry so much, tame my short temper and not be so hard on myself. Oh, one other thing pray the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup. Yeah!
hi weener,suffering from"post holiday energy depleation" attitude aint hafe bad at ya later.denny
Hi Denny,Hope you are well---i have about 4 on your list lol.Saw my daughter and 3 grandaughters for the first time in 4 years for the holidays--that was the greatest blessing. My new year goal---make a trip to texas for the birth of my 4th grandchild.Debbie
Dennie, Hi! Your list cracked me up----Make mine about the same. How are you? Is the Neurontin helping again? I'm trying to do a few posts, but my left hand and arm are aching soooooo bad. Have it in a splint--severe tendonitis and tennis elbow and possibly some pinched nerves because it's been so inflammed for sooooo long---at least 5 years worth!!!! Got a shot of cortisone in one spot on the wrist today----ooooowwwwwwwwiiiiiieeeeee !!! Hurt like H--l. Now I'm suppose to wait 4 weeks and keep this splint on most of the time and see if it helps. If not, the next step will be that needle electrode thing to check for nerve damage. Uggghhh!!! Don't you just hate all these "parts" that keep breaking down?! Hubbie's going to ship me off to the "Fox Farm" and trade me in for a new model one of these days.Take care!Karen
yeah karen,but i TRY not to think about it too much,not easy.debbielee,the nurontin is helping the pain,but other things,as on the list seem to be worse.this morning,i woke up,feeling very strange.kinda scared,my body and head are feeling light,and cold.and its not the may be celexa,but it happened so suddenly,and its not getting any better.anyone else get this?denny
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