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Hi just wanted to introduce myself .. I am a 27 year old female an i suspect i have been suffering with IBS for about the last 10 years on and off. remember havin the same symptoms when i was much youger but the i had seveal yars peace from it although after reading infomation on the web tonight i suspect the years in between IBS ma have had someting to do with taking antidepressants and anxiety tablets for a few years as i have read they can help. Now for the last Year i have suffered with the painful stomach cramps everyday, the constant runs and bloated feeling, I lack in energy so much. I have to dash to th toilet almost every hour somtims more depending on how bad things are that day, i dont get flare ups because its always thereI dont get a days break at all. After reading the symptoms i am convinced Its IBS, But i was reading this forum an wondered if somebody could be nice enough to tell me what IBS D and IBS C means ???? anyways just thought id introduce myself. (sorry if there are any spellin errors but my keyboard is missing letters out, tried best to correct all errors ... must buy new keyboard
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