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Hello everyone. My name is Lilah, I'm 21 from England and was recently diagnosed with IBS.

I'm not sure when I first noticed my symptoms, but as far as I can recall I was around 16-17 years old. I used to get diarrhoea after everything I ate, but it slowly turned into being essentially constipated, I have a 'bowel movement' every 2-3 days, but sometimes I can go 4-5+ days without having one. My main problem is severe bloating, it could be something as simple & innocent as an apple, or even a Vegan soup with no gluten/wheat. I've tried to find Low-Fodmap recipes, but I really struggle to find the ingredients needed and it's also difficult to try to find suitable seasonings because I apparently can't have garlic or chilli, amongst many other things. I decided to buy 'free from' food from a popular grocery store here in England, and everything is completely awful... None of it had flavour or texture, and it just made me feel unfulfilled and hungry. I'm scared to go back to my doctor and request a referral to a Dietitian because I've only tried this diet for a week. I'm on benefits for Social Anxiety, so I can't really afford to keep wasting money on expensive diets.

Can anyone offer me any help?! My BMI classifies me as being underweight, and I don't think I could gain weight if I tried, my diet has always been awful but I've really cut everything out for the last week. I've been researching probiotics and other health supplements? but again, I don't want to waste money trying things that might not make a difference.

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