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I am back from China and it is going to take me forever to read all of these posts. I was particular interested in what you had to say on 5/26/99 about being overweight. There are three people on this board that I swear live at least part of my life and you are one of them. I couldn't agree with you more. I think the other two are Heykate and LindaB. It is a pretty sure thing that what any of you say I am going to agree with it and think that you are tuned right into me. Thank you for being so open and I hope soon that I will have a chance to respond to your "Overweight" issue. Of course it is a BIG part of the IBS. Anyway, I am convinced of it. Isn't depression a part of the overweight issue and hence, a part of the IBS? Talk to you soonLinda
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