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Let me start with my story! About 20 years ago, I was having a lot of problems with my digestive system. I was a teacher in a middle school and it was really embarrassing when I had to leave my classroom because of a flare-up! I started to develop social anxiety disorders because I never knew when I would get diarrhea! Anyway, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and then later with IBS and Lactose Intolerance. I managed it, but still I never knew when my IBS would flare up and when it did, I would try to think of what I ate and what may have caused the flare up. I developed a fear of a lot of foods and I felt absolutely helpless.

About 2 years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a new probiotic. I had been taking a probiotic from the store at that time, and it seemed to be helping a little, but it was still unpredictable. Anyway, this probiotic is different because it's in its most natural form (liquid). I guess all probiotics are made in liquid, but then most are freeze dried and put into pill form in order to store and ship them most effectively. But his one is gluten free, lactose free, GMO free. It's basically the little probiotics (tiny little micro-bugs), consuming the food source or prebiotic, which is molasses. This probiotic changed my life. For the last 2 years, I have found so much relief! There has only been one time in 2 years when I have had a flare up and that was when I was also on an antibiotic at the same time. Otherwise, it has been amazing to feel confident that I'm not going to get sick at some random time, or that I have to avoid all the foods that others eat normally!

As a bonus, my whole family is now on this probiotic and we are definitely healthier, avoiding colds and the flu because of the additional boost to our immune system (although mine has been torn down over the years with the meds that I took for my IBS, etc.). One warning, this stuff tastes pretty bad (like molasses), so for those with taste sensitivities, try it with some strong juice (like grape, cranberry, or orange juice).

Here's a website to find out more info or to try it if you're interested!
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