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Well maybe conquer is a strong word- but how about help- I am new to site. I have had 5 colonoscopies- all ok- I mainly have gas and cramping problems- I have cut out dairy, wheat, and now wonder about vegetables- they seem gassy too. I got the tapes( from Eric's site- does being anxious add to " wind" problems?Five years ago - I did a stint w/ and ssri- and it midly helped. i went off of it after 2 yrs, AND i WAS SAME WITHOUT IT.hOW i WOULD APPRECIATE SOME FEEDBACK ON HOW TO PROCEED. mY dR. (WHO IS a big shot Gastro inNYcity doesn't endorse using gas pills(Gas-ex, or simethicone-which I do use when I get desperate- he says it has a rebound reaction. Has anyone else heard this? Meaning if you use it - you will get more gas- I guess.So hope someone will answer me.Thank you allGeraldine
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