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I went to the chat and signed up for the yahoo thing and the chat room won't let me in!!! What am I doing wrong!
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Hi Terio:I had trouble too (I just came out to see if anyone else was also). Just keep on trying. Sometimes Yahoo acts crazy. How far did you get?JeanG
Yahoo asked for me to sign up, so I did but when I go to get in the chat room it says that I am a guest and members only!!!
Hold on I'll see if anyone can help you.JeanG
Terio:I'm going to click on invite in the chat room and see if it gets you in. I think it will send an email to you. Hang on and we'll see.JeanG
Terio:Check your email. You'll get an email from Yahoo with instructions.JeanG
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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