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Help, is this IBS?

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I am new to this board but want to explain symptoms and ask what you think. This has been happening for the last month... I get up in the morning and right away I have a bowel movement, sometimes loose, soemtimes diarrhea. I have no further episodes but I have a sore feeling in my intestinal tract, major bloating whether I eat anything or not. I feel like my stomach is about to explode and it is sore, like bacteria is making it swell or something. The Dr. thought it could be related to antibiotics but I have been off them for a month and the symptoms persist. I take acidophillus and have a prescription for Bentyl. (only took once) Seems no specific foods set it off and I do not have any further episodes during the day. Please help, it is driving me nuts with worry. Do I need further tests or does this sound like IBS?(which the Dr. also mentioned) Thank You. Diane
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You said this just started a month ago? Have you been under a lot of stress? The reason I say this is because most IBS sufferers I know of have had IBS for quite some time, as in stemming from childhood. I could be wrong and correct me if I am.
It does sound like you might have something intestinal going on, but IBS doesn't just "come on" all the sudden. I would check to see if maybe you have parasites or something that is causing the dirrahea.In any event, I would check with your doctor. Another thing to tell if it is the start of IBS is to observe it for a bit and check any new symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation, cramps, that sort of thing and when they happen, i.e., after you eat, before, nighttime. My IBS usually flares when I have eaten dairy products and chocolate. You could also be lactose intolerant. Do you eat a lot of dairy?If it is the start of IBS or if it's symptoms that are from something else, we are here to support you and help you find answers.I am new here myself, but have had IBS all my life and know what you are going through.Take Care,
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Welcome, did he check for C diff after the course of antibiotics? That can be nasty.You probably really need more tests to know for sure where you stand. It maybe a good idea to get a referal from a gastroenterologist, have some blood work done and three stool samples done to start.
This is actually something you should print off and take to the doctor with you, it can help him to answer your questions in more detail also, since most are pressed for time and don't explain things well unless you ask the right questions.Ten questions to ask your doctor.
Several members here have commented that their IBS started during/after a round of antibiotics, so that may be what has happened with you. Although it's nothing to really look forward to and we all dislike doing it, testing, however, would not be unreasonable. I know that it can be really frustrating trying to figure it all out. You'll get lots of information here on different ways that you manage your symptoms, ranging from taking calcium, adding fiber, hypnotherapy, food intolerance testing, etc. Lots for you to read up on! Good luck.
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Me too, same exact thing. Just all the sudden a few months ago. Used to just happen every now and then, and then got more frequent, now every single day. No one knows why, they deducing it to stress. Except I wasn't on antibiotics. But exact same symptoms, during an attack it is terrible, but seems to be better about an hour or so later, and tolerable for the rest of the day after that. Except with me, I have lost 40 pounds in 2 months, and can't seem to get enough sleep. I have a lot of pain in my lower right side, and terrible cramping while sitting or driving for any longer periods of time. My doctor's don't seem to be too concerned, he just referred me to counselling, saying it is from anxiety. I told my dr. that he would be pretty anxious, depressed, and withdrawn if he felt like he had to go to the bathroom all the time. I have also found that mine gets worse when I worry if I will get to far away from a bathroom, or be somewhere in public. Who knows. I am sick of it though.
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Wow, thanks for the wonderful responses. I am an anxious person and I have had problems off and on through the years with a "nervous" stomach but this is different. I am frustrated that the Dr. did not do anything the last visit but in all fairness he thought it was the penicillin. I suppose I will have to go back in as I am totally sick of this. Thanks for all your help, I will let you know.
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