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Hi I have suffered with ibs-c since my early 20s i am now 36,and things have just got worse the pain and cramps are presant nearly every day, in the last couple of months i have had a colonospy ( sorry my spelling is terrible) the results of that were ibs,knew that already i also only just found out recently from my gp that they had to stop the test because my bowel kept going into spasms and it was impossible for them to see all of my bowel, the only medication i have been given is fibregel which is horrible and i find it very hard to take,i find that the doctors are't taken me seriously and i don't know how to help myself,any advice anyone can offer would be great.thanks caroline ( and sorry again for the spelling
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Hey Kathleen,thanks for your reply,yeah at this stage i just feel as if im being fobbed off like ibs is not a real problem, i tried a laxative the other night and the cramps i had were terrible,did not have any movements till the next day but even then i did not feel any relief my stomach just felf like it was going to explode, i went to a health food shop today and got some fibre in tablet form,not sure if thats a good idea or not what do you think,my doctor is always telling me i need more fibre? its just a horrible thing to have isn't it.i had that test done in october and it was only last week that i found out that they did not finish it,crazy.
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Hey jpthanks so much for your reply,i have just stared in the last couple of days taking the activia anything is worth a try,took myself off back to the doc this morning and asked about antispasmodics and she gave me script for them so hopefully they will help,i felt so rotten last night,just fed up with it,i will get some mento's as well,have you been able to find a doctor in your area,i live in limerick,Ireland and we have only one private hospital so if things don't settle down i am going to try to see a doc there,i was a public patient for the last test i had done and the waiting lists to see doctors are are very long a couple of months at least.I hope your feeling okcaroline
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