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Hi I have suffered with ibs-c since my early 20s i am now 36,and things have just got worse the pain and cramps are presant nearly every day, in the last couple of months i have had a colonospy ( sorry my spelling is terrible) the results of that were ibs,knew that already i also only just found out recently from my gp that they had to stop the test because my bowel kept going into spasms and it was impossible for them to see all of my bowel, the only medication i have been given is fibregel which is horrible and i find it very hard to take,i find that the doctors are't taken me seriously and i don't know how to help myself,any advice anyone can offer would be great.thanks caroline ( and sorry again for the spelling
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Hi Caroline, this is my first day on the site and response on here. I read your letter and I can sympathize with the way the doctor's have handled your situation. Moving to a new state put me on a rat race to find a dr who would handle this with care and compassion. I researched the dr's in the area on google and it's a struggle. I have ibs D. when I would get constipated, activia was the only thing that helped, but then it would kick back the ibs d. I'm curious if activia would help you until the dr's can help you. I'm just thinking out loud if you have tried this already, I just saw your story and I wish I could help you. The best of luck. I saw about the peppermint tea, Mento's are a godsend. I keep them in the house and in my purse always so I can eat. It does help so much.
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