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I dunno. I simply stopped drinking aeons ago. Just not worth the pain. Even good wine with dinner causes horrible problems.And I gained weight too! horrible huge gargantuan flabby fat from space. It arrived out of no where and magically disappeared when I began eliminating a couple of things from my food choices with Alcohol being one of the food/beverages choices to let go of.I went from 118 to 168 to 110 and now finally I'm about 104 to 108 and that's a reasonable size for a short little person.Nope, didn't do a special diet. I don't do starvation well as I am much too crankey when I don't eat.I just cut out a few key things.Australian Chardonay was probably the least offensive for me but even that eventually lost it's appeal due to the problems I'd have later.It's been years so I don't even bother with alcohol now.Kamie
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