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JudithB--I am on the Questran but only on 4mg daily. I found this info online colestyramineI tried to find the info that came with my Rx but I think my husband may have thrown it out. I did find one info sheet that came with the receipt from the pharmacy. It said that the powder can be mixed with soups or applesauce, so why are you taking it on an empty stomach? I usually take my 4mg before bed after eating an apple. My info says that gas, nausea or heartburn can be side effects with this med. I have only had heartburn once from this that I recall. I think it was when I took it on an empty stomach and stayed up a couple of hours after I drank it.I hope you can get the bugs worked out and feel better.
I think it is helping me and I would hate for you to have to give it up due to intolerance.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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