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HELP - Side Effects from Wellbutrin SR

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Has anyone had experience with taking Wellbutrin SR for depression and what were your initial side effect?I started taking Wellbutrin SR last Friday and each day the side effect keep getting worse. I was told that I wouldn't feel very good for 4 to 5 days but that I had to put up with it. I was feeling quite ill yesterday and called the doctor and she said to give it a couple more days and the what I was feeling was normal.The following are my symtoms:Dry mouth, Nausea, Dizzy, Tingling in arms and hands, Overall feeling of being shaky.From what I understand these symptoms should go away once my body adjusts to this medication. I would like to hear from anyone who has been on this medication and what they may have experienced. I have also been taking Dicetel for about 14 days and it seems to be working well for me. The cramping & bloating has stopped!!! Hey!!! Finally!!!ThanksSandi (D/C Type)[This message has been edited by Sandi D (edited 05-30-2000).]
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Hi Sandi:I've been taking Wellbutrin for about a month now, about 400mg a day. The side effect I noticed at first was headaches. I don't remember having the ones you mentioned, but we all have different symptoms. It did take about 3 weeks for the headaches to go away. They weren't severe, and I would just have them in the morning when I woke up.How much are you taking? Is she having you divide the doses? I'll have to pull out the literature to find out exactly how much, but at some dosage you have to take it 2 times a day, at least 8 hours or more apart.I'd give it another few weeks, and you should adjust to it fine.
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Sandy D,What is dicetel? I've been taking wellbutrin for over a year now, and I can't justify it at all. It does nothing for me. I'm trying to ween off it slowly by only taking 75 mg daily. I don't remember the side affects but I think they were pretty mild. (Must be if I can't remember them!) I used to take paxil which worked great but I did have side affects so my Doc. switched me to wellbutrin. Sorry I couldn't have been more help!
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