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HELP! work and ibs dont mix!

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hello alli just started my job as a teller (been working there for a month) and already i hate it! Im usually outgoing, funny, spunky, and extroverted with LOTS of energy, but at my new work enviornment, Im totally different. I am more quiet and shy. I get documented for going to the bathroom (isnt that ridiculous???)Anyway, my ibs has been taking its toll on me for the worst: im constantly at work praying to myself that my ibs attack wont come about and often, i go to the bathroom (about 8 times a day.) When Im driving to work, and it should only take about 15 minutes, I have to pull over twice to the gas stations to use the bathroom. So, instead of the 15 minute drive, It takes me 30 minutes to get to work. well,I called in sick today and told my manager that I had to go to the emergency room for my ibs. She replied "are you sure its an emergency?" I dont know what to think. so my question is: how do i go about telling my manager about my ibs? what pointers do you guys have? please let me know. any advice is appreciated. thanks
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Fortunately I never had to make that explanation, although I am sure there were questions after I left the washroom at various jobs. What I would like to say is to try and not think of this as "my IBS." There are an awful lot of us on this Board who have found a wide variety of treatments which have been successful in eliminating the symptoms. Most have been pretty forthcoming about what those treatments are. I can only speak for myself, but I am pretty sure that most of us were not expecting success when it came. It took me ten years to find something that works for me. The sooner you start experimenting with some of these treatments, the sooner you will no longer have to put up with what you are currently going through.I hope that helps.Mark
Asian GirlThere are quite a few recent posts on here about work....if you get a chance, look them up.I have been able to work with my IBS (18 years)...but I have been in management. My latest job I have had 4 years and having a meeting early on with my boss...I had to excuse myself...just the 2 of us meeting. When I came back in, I told him about my IBS...he's been pretty understanding.But jobs like being a teller where you are right there "on the spot" so to speak, must be tough.You should know that the Americans with Disabilities Act may protect you somewhat, if you work for a company of over 50 employees. You can get your doctor to document your needs etc. I am NOT a lawyer so don't take this as gospel. I just know there are many things that protect people with physical "ailments" from being discriminated against. The basics of this law are that it protects people from being discriminated against for medical problems beyond their control etc. It also states employers should make reasonable accomodations to help these employees. (for you, maybe the teller desk closest to a bathroom??) Now, if your IBS is severe enough that you are really missing a lot of work, or away from your job for hours each work day, the law may not protect you-because it poses a financial hardship on the employer...but whatever the reality of that law is, hopefully you don't have to go that far. (get a lawyer, have the employer all upset about it...etc)You talked about diarrhea before work...I think that may be stress/anticipation induced from knowing you are heading into "hostile" territory.(I write this from experience)In most cases, being able to talk openly with your supervisor and co-workers may make you feel better.....but most of us know the reality of the work world. If you being gone from your post means others have to pick up the slack and/or they start to feel like you are getting all this "time off" know how some people are.Not trying to be discouraging...but I agree with the other post too...try some different treatments. YOu didn't say waht you'd try. Many, many of us here rely on good old immodium And I, rely on not eating a lot of food in the mornings and even lunch during work days.A lot of us wear protection-thick pads or gives a sense of security.Hang in there...sounds like you may have some things you can try. I'd say the main thing is that you should approach it with your co-workers and your boss that you really WANT and NEED to work, and appreciate that your condition is a problem that you yourself would do anyting to fix!Keep us posted..and do some searching on this site.Jeanne
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