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how do I go about asking to work from home. I have severve IBS-D and it is VERY difficult for me to leave the house, especially in the morning. my hours are 7-3, and I have only been there 9 days. it is very possible to do this job from home, and I have heard others with the company do work from home, however I think those people work at different locations, not sure if there are any at our office that does. how do I approach my boss? what do I say? I had to call in sick today, but I could work from home. with IBS I need to be near a bathroom, and the 10 minute drive just would have been too much this morning, and other morning (I didn't make it to the bathroom and someone from home had to bring me clothes). not to mention running to the bathroom every 2 minutes! please, any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated!
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Did you Dr diagnose you with IBS? If he did a note from him, and an explanation of why this would work for the COMPANY not just YOU might do it. Approach the company with how it would be good for them, then how it would be good for you, then repeat the benefits to them again. They might say no, then you're looking at either finding another job, or a lawsuit for discrimination. I haven't heard of any IBS against the work place cases, but you never know.Laurie
So sorry to hear about your D and work, I use to carry extra cloths in my car all the time. On this BB ther are real good explanations ofwhat IBS is all about. You might think about printing this and taking it with you to your boss.I printed and show any who wonder just what my problem is, it works very well.Take CareLindalu
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