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Hi Y'all I'm new to the site. I have had IBS for 11 years and have been taking mebrevine on and off for 5 years. I've got really good at knowing what my body can and cannot handle but at times i feel like i'm in an ongoing cycle that i can't break. I have migraine's and my medication does upset my stomache and also i'm vegetarian - my dad insists that my medical problems are due to being a veggie! Anyway lately i have had terrible constipation and i'm eating anything to flush it out and the mebrevine isn't working. Over the years i've tried various treatments both medical and herbal and have managed really by eliminating triggers and exercise. I also know that when i don't drink enough fluids it triggers it off and after a serious bout i get very dehidrated- i'm about to go back to my doctor = any suggestions? Oh and I've never had any tests done - i'm from england and you can be waiting months on the nhs but i think while i'm here in the states i ought to take advantage of my medical plan
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