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I'm a 21 year old college student, never before encountering anything other than moving bowels less than an hour after a meal, but no cramping ever really occurred. Since I have been at school, and found myself stuck in emotional situations, I have noticed a huge increase in cramping. Last night, I ate dinner with my friend, and 20 minutes hadn't even gone by when I found myself in the bathroom with diarrhea and cramping. And it hasn't felt like I've gotten everything out. I've encountered some nausea along with it, but not constantly. Gas has been a big battle for me recently as well. I have had blood, but that is due to internal hemmorhoids. (I am the PERFECT example of why not to smoke when pregnant!) I also have a history of acid reflux and take Nexium for that.Anyway, does this sound like IBS, and should I make an appointment with my MD? The student health center here basically sucks.Please help!Thanks!
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