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helppp bad D bug.IBS not helping.

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im sorry if this isnt the right place to post but i really needed some advice.i started with a sickness bug yesterday at like 8pm, it was ok i was just sick the once then i had a bit of D about 11pm, i thought i was getting better today but no at about 6pm i started getting tummy pains and startined going to the loo, but them while someone was in the bath the pains got worse so when they got out the bath i had to rush to the loo and had loadssss of D. now me, thinking that was the majority of it took a couple of entrocalm to stop it, i may have gone once more a little bit if i hadnt have taken them but im not positive on that, but now im panicing as i read somewhere you shouldnt take anti D med with stomach bugs as it can trap the bug in you? is this true? im really worried now that im gunna make myself worse. also what and when should i try and eat because i had some dry toast for breakfast today and dry toast with boiled egg for lunch and i didnt eat any dinner but i think the wheat hasnt helped so i dont know what else i could possibly have?thanks in advance im really worried.sophie.
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Hi Sophie, I wouldn't worry about having taken the medicine. Maybe don't take any more of it, but they'll still pass out of your system, if you do have a bug. Do you have a fever? Usually they say to follow the BRAT diet when you have something like that: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast...Drink lots of liquids to keep from being dehydrated (NO SODA!-although ginger ale might help to settle your stomach), just Gatorade or Power Aide (to help with electrolyte loss from D) or water or weak tea. I hope you feel better soon!
thank you, yeah ive been going realllly hot on and off, so i think so.well i havent been to the loo since i took them so im hoping i had just finished needing to get anything out and the tablets wouldnt really have been needed anyway, i really do need to drink more water though, ive hardly drunk anything today! i actually attempted to eat normalish since yesterday i didnt have D or anything. thing is something that has never happened to me before happened.i ate some dry toast just with a bit of jam on for breakfast (just one piece)i went to work, and after work for lunch i attempted to get some vitamins and stuff so i bought a tuna mayo brown baguette with lettuce as i was feeling back to normal just about, and i was naughty and had a packet of crisps. now ive just had a banana in some natural live bio yoghurt and have been straight to the loo with D. but the weird thing is i only had a minor stomach ache nd a lot of wind so i thought the pain was just the wind, so i though ok i will try go to the loo and see if it helps, i sit down and just a load of D comes with little to no effort (there wasnt loads but quite a bit) now thats not happened to me before, usually i gradually get D and am in a lot of pain. so is this IBS or the tail end of this bug ive had and i ate too much too soon and stuff that maybe i shouldnt? how long will this last?
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