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Hemocult test with Citrucel?

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My doc suspects I have IBS and wants me to take a Hemocult test - I take orange flavored citrucel and wonder whether I should stop this while I am doing the test - The instructions on the package of the Hemocult says not to ingest more than 250mg of vitamin c from all sources while doing the test.Does anyone know if this product contains vitamin C?
Thanks, Lynn
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Hi Lynn:I guess the package doesn't say anything? I've never taken it so I couldn't say for sure. You could call the doctor or a pharmacist and ask what you should do. Are you doing a fast for the test?JeanG------------------Member of "The Advance Guard for the Ozone Rangers".May the "farce" be with you. JeanG
I don't think it has any. It certainly doens't have any ingredients that would indicate that it does.
Thanks, I called the pharmacist and got the answer - maybe I should check with another pharmacist just to be sure -The pharmacist stated that Vitamins should be listed on the label - some sort of regulation or something - that was good to find out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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