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has anyone been told by a dr that this condition is hereditary? i had a psychiatrist ask me if anyone in my family had stomach problems. i know my dad was extremely gassy, and just recently my younger brother told me lately he's been experiencing a lot of gas. my grandfather burped all the time as does my younger sister. i'd take burping over this leaky gas anytime. i have never told any of my family about the humiliation i go through daily. i tried to tell my older sister one time, but she just laughed about it. anyway, i was just curious if anyone else had family members with intestional disorders. you know, sometimes i look at other people going about their day and wonder why my life has to be one of such personal humiliation.
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Hi,Puffy they tell me it's not ?? BUT i have IBS so do my brother and sister and my mother has crohns. I still think that although they say crohns can not be passed on , that there must be some weak gentic factor that has gone haywire. And i also know that they say IBS is alot to do with stress ( and yes i did have a stressful childhood ) but for it to effect the whole of my family , and not just my brother and sister now my neice who is 12 and my son who is 9 are showing signs of IBS. My only hope is through the generations it get weeker and weeker , as mother mum as crohns i have IBS and now my children i hope only have a weak gut..I say yes but they keep telling me NO . Heidi
Hi Puffy, mother had terrible gas several years ago and during an upper GI exam, it was found that she had a hole (I think that was what it was) in her esophagus. She took medicine and is better now. I don't believe anyone in my family has this same condition...I wouldn't wish this on anyone.
I've been told by all my specialists and have read in a lot of places that it is thought to have a genetic component. My Dad has similar problems to me (has never seen a doc and refuses to call it ibs as it doesn't bother him at all). His Dad and all his brothers have bowel probs. My Mum has a "weak" gut. My brother has a few probs too. Two friends have ibs along with at least one parent. My doc says that stress hones in the weakest part of the body so if the gut is the sore point in a family then that's where probs will start...(if you believe in the whole "stress in the core propaganda" of course)!! I don't think we can positively say that just because we have a weak gut that our offspring will Definately get one too.
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