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Hernia information... anyone?

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I just found out a few days ago, I have to have hernia surgery, again. This will be the 3rd time. I have no idea why it has returned, I had it done laparoscopically with the mesh and all... anyway...My question is, can an inguinal hernia cause symptoms of IBS but creating pressure on the colon? Is it possible my hernia was never repaired in the first (or second) place? Thanks for any information any of you can provide.
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Hi Vogue --I had a hernia and corrective surgery about six - seven years ago -- and after than is when I started getting IBS-D. I've mentioned it to many doctors and wanted to know if it would have caused the D and they all just dismiss that as not possible. The strange thing is that where the actuall surgery cut is -- it still acts up a lot (dull/sharp pain) and I also get D. So I'd like to know if they're related as well. Good luck with things.Matt
Ahh, I have an uncorrected hernia. I've been told too that it can't be the cause if it's been totally corrected... I wonder about having one uncorrected tho...
Hey Vogue, So sorry to hear this. I have no idea if your symptoms could be related to this. I'm just sorry you have to go through getting it repaired. Do let us know when that happens so we can keep good thoughts for you.BQ
BQ,It's not a big deal.. this'll be the fifth time I have had surgery on something... (3rd time for the same hernia)... it's just the aggravation of it all... I'm considering talking to a lawyer... it's been a MESS dealing with the original surgeon.... just an all around annoyance.
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Well, sheesh I sure hope they get it right this time. Man, 'annoyance' doesn't begin to cover that. Well, whatever ya do, try to avoid the nearest occasions of heavy lifting for awhile anyway, will ya? BQ
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Heh.. yea I've been avoiding it for the better part of 3 years.
Which is sad... I used to work out all the time. Hard to deal with the IBS and this nagging hernia (testicle) pain... Hehehe... Ahh well... hopefully it will all get straightened out in the next few months...
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