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hello doc jwell i went down to see our boy, i ask him how bad is it! he said that by looking at my one x-ray i have plaque in me viens, also i am very toxic!! this is what is sooooo serious, but he will make it better!! about the phone message you ask, i told him never to call my house again! you ########*~~ and i also told him that he had a health problem, his problem is that he has QUACK IN HIS VIENS,end of story!question for you doc, with this ibs,is there other symptoms like pain in knees,leggs,shoulder, my whole right side is sore, it has been this way for months!oh one more thing i had my cat scan last wednesday, guess what i have three stones in my submandibular duct, do you know how they get these out of there? i have to see my ent doc on the 28 sept,cant wait that long as to how they remove them. well just wanted to bring you up to steam on doc plaque! have a good day doc!! charlie croce
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Charlie-Glad to hear that you didn't do alittle chiropractic manipulation of your own!How old are you? It is sometimes possible to detect significant atherosclerosis on a routine x-ray- atherosclerotic plaques can contain significant amounts of calcium which is picked up on the film. If that's what he's talking about, you might get a copy of the film and show it to your doc.while fibromyalgia is associated with IBS, arthritis and joint aches are less common- without examining you (or taking an x-ray and leaving a message on your answering machine), I don't think I can guide you very well.Stones in a salivary gland (sialoliths) are pretty common. As the salivary glands are primarily the realm of the ENT folks (and I don't spout off about things I know little about), I do your ENT doc a favor and not give you half-a**d advice to feel like I know something. There are several ways to deal with that problem and therapy is usually dependent on the specifics of the case. So talk with the ENT guy about it.Uric acid is basically a product of cell turnover. High levels may be associated with gout and kidney problems. Low levels are not a problem.Any other questions I can not answer for you tonight?Sorry...
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thanks doc j for your help on this,i am 52, thanks again doc charlie
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