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hey all long time no post. FRUSTRATED i think we need to come out with a T-shirt just for us Ibs suffers. ###### HAPPENS. ANYONE HAVE A WET NAP? lol i know just how you feel and i am just about ready to give the doctors another try. i am a 38 year old female and have had ibs since i was 12. sucks huh? only no one knew what it was then. i was just "high strung" or "overly sensitive". i have just decided to deal with it as if it were dibetis or something. i refuse to let it run my life. yes i get pissed and frustrated and depressed. but i go to restaraunts, movies, and eat anything i damn well want. i take long car trips. and i pay the consequences.hang in there. these are a great group of people. they know EXACTLY what you are going thru. and that is the best thing in the world.
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