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hey JM

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HOW COME THEY MAKE ME DO STRECHING IF ITS NOT GOOD?was that in the book? sorry bout the caps.denny
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Hi, Denny.OOOPPPSS! Sorry Denny, I have rechecked my book. It says,"medical professionals who know about fibro urge their patients to engage in physical exercise as part of their treatment regimen."(page 34).Also, page 167, "In the experience of most fibromyalgics who have it under control, living well with fibro means finding the right balance of sleep, exercise, nutrition, and psychological or spirtual well-being." And on page 168 'Exercise". "Two kinds of exercise help people with fibro......start with streching...Gentle daily aerobic any activity that gets your heart moving at a rapid rate....", Page 169,"If you have not been exercising start small. ...walk...distance in not important:the goal should be to get your heart rate up...before exercising ...stretch and warm up your muscles...". page 71-"Learning to stretch tight msucles properly brings great benefits to fibromyalgics. Stretching should be gentle and bilateral. What you do on one side must be done on the other." I'm so sorry I goofed on this. Hope this clears things up. What I remembered is NOT what the book says. Hope this helps. Jm
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thats ok, i got a chin-up bar a while back,tried haning on it....boy was i ever sorry,the next day was all about OUCH.
I do yoga as it is as gentle as you wish it to be.Shrinky------------------B Howes
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