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Hi, checking in here

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Hi, I've been a member of the IBS BB for ages and thought I'd finally check in here. I'm rather convinced that I've had a CFSISD-like (is that how you write it?) condition for years now but especially during the past couple of years. Maybe it's not officially CFS, but I'd say it's something like it at least (I don't know for sure). My nutritionist has said for a year that, oh yes, I've probably had (mild) CFS for years, then it got worse. No MD will come v. close to diagnosing me with it, though. The closest anyone has come was recently, when a doc said that I clearly have an autonomic nervous system problem, even if minor. I understand that ANS dysfunction CAN be a major component of CFS???Well, anyway, HI! I better leave and go get some work done now...------------------Cultivate gratitude. Believe in possibilities.
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welcome,hipjan,i know about the cfs and ibs,not sure bout the rest,im begining to think i just gotem all,so recite the alfabets and that what i got.just wanted to say hi,seeya round.denny
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