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hi everyone, im back

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sorry, Ive been busy and out lately,im still working where I was, I got a promotion and those suspended days paid for and an apology from managment!!!Ive been doing a bit better with my tummy (less stress at work maybe?) but im still gonna get all the testing done,first appointment is this friday ugh,
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Welcome back Cyndee! Glad to hear all is going well with your work life. I am also glad to see you back. People tend to drop off, and we never hear from them again!------------------Praying with Bettie for a cure for this NASTY IBS!
Cyndeeb, welcome back! What tests, since your were gone they cured IBS, didn't anyone tell you,oh my
!Good luck on the tests let us know what they didn't find.LOLYour at the same ISP? Promotion? Say what?
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thanks guys,very funny eric i will let you know and you must have not know about the big suspension thing at work, I will fill you in latertake care
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