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Hi everyone, cheers to all of you.

I'm from Portugal, 37 years old and coping with IBS-D for some years.

This is my first post but already read some info in the forúm for some years, nice job from you guys.

My case:

  • Since a infant always had be prone do D, but nothing that much bad.
    • In adulthood find that my grandmother had similar issues, maybe heritage had a role on it.
  • At early twentys after some throubleshooting some doctor prescribed Benzodiazepines drugs, telling was stress related.
    • Never had anxiety before.
    • Some time after taking Benzos, got all the classic anxiety issues:
      • Panic attacs.
      • Heart Pumping realy hard.
      • Confusion and insecureness (only when in anxious mode)
      • Reducing benzos during last years.
        • Even if i reduce benzos just a bit, even i stay good in my mind, my gut starts to flare, and this has been, my major chalange.
        • Anyone with this factor conbinations?
  • Some years late was more evident a correlation between heart arritmias and IBS-D flares.
    • Nothing was really found in my heart.
    • I feel, still today some very strong arrythmias, just like a strung punch in stern.
    • Became anxious when in need to good toilet.
  • Like all of you trying many thing.
    • Yoga, Meditations.
    • Calcium
    • UL-250 and other good bacteria
    • Frugal diet as you can imagine
    • Hipnotherapy
      • This one, the only thing i can say it really worked good results.
      • It did not last long, because logistics, 30 min a day quiet to do the insights and NLP anchoring.
      • Lifestyle and Work, 24h time is never too much,
    • Some ocasional 1 - 2 times a week imodium.
    • For me the most same thing is listenning to cinematic music
  • Conclusions:
    • I think most of it stress factors and env.
      • Can't change some of my stress factors.
      • Have to work, to comute, have a girlfriend at home, money issues.
    • Bad food in a good mood is not that bad.
    • good food in bad mood is somewhat bad.
    • The more i read on internet, maybe just like some of you more disiaeses i get.
    • I think you/we all are a bit paranoid about health, this is also a issue.
      • Even the capctcha says : Drink Water
      • Too many health issues in inicial registration... are you crazy???
        • We need suport, not whinning or complaining.
        • Like bruce lee said: You Become What You Think

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