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Hello Everyone, I just found this website today while I was trying to do some research for my IBS-C problem. I'm hoping that someone with a bit of experience with this can help me out...I started a whole foods diet with my husband on Monday. We can eat whole grains, vegetables, fruit, lean meat, beans, low fat milk and cheese...etc. I have now not "gone" since Saturday. Since I switched by diet, shouldn't I be going like crazy? The husband sure is! Secondly, yesterday I ended up with a TERRIBLE on-the-verge-of-a-migrane headache. Could this be related to the IBS-C?I have had a weight problem my whole life. Although I've never been "obese" I've always been "overweight," and I've tried EVERYTHING. Is there a direct connection between IBS and weight?Thanks!

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Sometimes more fiber can make constipation a bit worse, especially if you do not drink enough water. A larger hard, dry, hard to pass stool isn't better than a smaller one.You might need to add an osmotic laxative to help keep the water in the stool so it moves. If you want to go the all natural route try Magnesium oxide (a dietary supplement) up to 1000 mgs day or you can use OTC miralax. Miralax has the advantage of you don't have to worry about maximum dose as much as you do with magnesium. You need magnesium, but you can get too much and get it out of balance with other minerals and set yourself up for heart rhythm problems, mostly happens to those who have some issues with lowered kidney function, but it can happen.It may take an enema or something to get the stool that hasn't come out in a few days out. Osmotics do work in the stool they are in so sometimes if you are really backed up they are not enough, but can keep you going once you get things moving again.A lot of people complain of headaches when the constipation gets bad, but I'm not sure we really know why. There are lots of theories, but I'm not sure if any has hard data to back it up.Being overweight doesn't cause IBS, and while anyone can be constipated the very overweight tend to have more issues with that making things move too fast, but it varies a lot from individual to individual.
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