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Hi Im 25
And dyslexic so very sorry for grammar x

2019 July

I was living in Greece, working.
When one night I just couldnt stop throwing up
This leading to the worse weeks of my life
Which really has never ended

The heart burn, throat pain, rashes on my neck where unbearable
Chest pains, no sleep
I believed I would go to sleep and never wake up again
Id never had anxiety before but I was riddled with it
I never could sleep
I would go to see doctors and they thought it was my heart
Weeks of hospital, doctors app

Different meds nothing was working

Nothing. no one could work it out
I was on nexium 2 weeks no luck
omeprazole lansoprazole
Nothing worked
I payed 150 for the camera down my throat

They said it was helicobacter pylori
Took the course of tablets
STill no luck

So I came home as the pain was getting to much
I cut out alcohol
I was eatting only water melon and spinach
I lost so much weight
(At first)

Back to UK went to Doctors
was no help at all

Just told me to double up on PPI
Even tho at this point Id been taking 2 a day for months
Said you want pizza eat pizza?!!!!!!

Tomato, spicy, garlic , onions , cheese, bread
Lemon , oranges, anything citrus, chocolate , mint coffee tea
All cut from my diet months ago!! As they cause me so much pain
As a vegetarian eatting is soooooo hard Im surprised I havent lost friends yet
Its so hard to explain to people when you dont know yourself
When to this doctor like 8 times Begging for gastroscopy

UK January they finally gave me gastroscopy
(4 months after I came back from Greece!!)
Finally Im told I have a Hiatal hernia
I ask hospital staff
What happens next
They say go to your doctor for ppi
Been on ppi for 7 months at this point which cant be good for me!

Doctors still no help
I move doctors
Blood tests fine
ECG heart fine
Check for coeliac - negative

And Im put on esomeprazole and mebeverine ???
Ibs never came into play but she said it may help

Yep you guessed it Still no relief

The only way to describe it is imagine 10 months ago someone held your hand and NEVER let go

I havent had a second without heartburn
Not a second without my throat burning
This is the truth
Yes some days its pain level 5 and others days level 10
But its still always there
I had a hospital app coming up (April 24th)
but that has been cancelled now due to the virus
Which is fine of course

But thats why Im on here & I need help
Doctors is close also

Im 25

I feel like my life is over
Sometime I dont even want to wake up in the morning
I cant imagine this is my life now
I feel like I will never meet a partner as they will never understand

Before this I loved spicy food, tomatos
Drinking ( now and again)
Being able to wear a bra!!!!!
Being able to see friends and order food and drinking without being anxious and crying because there is nothing for me to eat
Arguing with family more as the hernia and the acid reflux has taken over

You wouldnt think eating and drinking would take over your life but it has
I dont even know what to do for work as the pain get worse just by sitting up right

I have cut out so much
I only drink water

Every website says diet helps
How in 10 months Im i having no relief????
I exercise
I eat well
My bed is lifted

Im a size 12-14
12 stone ish (last time I went doctors)
As websites said to lose weight
Which Im trying

I eat 3 meals a day
But the last month I just have no appetite
I had a rice cake this morning at 11
And still I have no appetite as t nearly 6pm
Im bloating so much yet I only eat fruit veggies and the rice cakes
Feel like Im putting on weight??
I started mebeverine a month ago
Can this be related???

Just want this to go away I know it never will

But knowing I will never be me again and back to my old self
Breaks my heart
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