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I started homeopathy in fall of 2004. I went to a world-renowned classical homeopathist who was also an M.D. from Stanford University. He recommended a remedy based on my overall constitution. The first one did not work. The second and third one did not work. I don't know what brought me back to him--after three failures, I could have given up--but, I went back and gave it another shot. Thank god I did. The fourth remedy seems to have made all the difference.I now consider myself in IBS remission. I haven't been on this chat board for over a year because I no longer have much to complain about. ALL of my IBS symptoms are gone. I will only on rare occasion have a revisit of a symptom, but it is short-lived and mild--something that I would expect in the range of "normal." Example: mild bloating or mild loose stools without urgency or pain, only once every couple months.I have also eliminated eggs and dairy from my diet and that has helped tremendously too. But, I wouldn't say that food elimination was the only thing that mattered because I was off those foods for years without it making a significant difference. It has only been since the homeopathy that my digestion has healed this well.From my research, there is usually an 80% improvement in symptoms from homeopathy. Obviously, you need to be taking the right remedy for the symptoms to improve, so don't give up. My main reservation about homeopathy was the expense, but I have to say that it was worth it since I am no longer in pain anymore.I also advocate for a whole foods diet, elimination of trigger foods, and additional gut healing through nutritional supplements. I recommend seeking the help of a nutritionist for advice specific to your symptoms and lifestyle.
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