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I think that I had also the same opinion about Homeopathy that it is a hoax. When I was a 17 year years old boy I had corns in one of my fingers and was trouble some, some body told me to try Homeo for it , I took it few doses and the corn vanished within a wek.Again when I was 38 years old man I got about 5 corns on my foot it was painful and tried all the allopathy even the corn caps etc they asked me to get them removed surgically, but again I remembered my past experience and took homeo pathy treatment and you would not belive that they all vanished with n a forthnight,so surely it works and is not a hoax.But I have met people with IBS and took homeopathy treatment but it did not cure them ,so although I am a IBS sufferer and would not like to try homeo at the moment.
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