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HORRIBLE smelling gas....all of a sudden

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I'm trying to figure out what could have brought on terrible smelling gas all of a sudden. I can't even handle the smell. I haven't been able to pinpoint foods that cause it. Could it be from taking new antibiotic? However, I stopped taking it to see, and the gas has continued. I don't know what to do - it's awful. I have suffered from mild IBS for years - primarily gas/bloating/pain. Thanks for any advice/comments.
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quote:Could it be from taking new antibiotic?
This could be the cause. It may have killed gas-consuming bacteria and now there is nothing to eat the gas.
Go back to your doc and ask the same questions. Maybe he can give you something your stomach can tolerate better.
have you eaten any egg? may sound silly but that always gives me foul smelling gas.
I have to agree with flux on this one. Whenever I take antibiotics, I always take probiotics during and after the course. Even if you stop taking the antibiotics (and you are meant to complete the full course) the damage will have already started. Try to find a good brand of probiotics.
I am in the midst of smelly rotten egg gas (and I don't eat any eggs)! For me, it is triggered by rush eating/anxiety/overfilling/too much fat which all cause spasms and stool gets trapped and I think putrefies, from what I have read. My putrid gas is unrelated to the food and all about how well I digested that last meal. How to make it stop??!! A big poop usually helps, but I am IBS-C so...sleeping pills and no night eats slow down my spasms.Bring lots of air freshener to work and avoid the gym. I had ladies getting nauseated in the store dressing room from my putrid gas. I still need to work on being at peace.Putrid gas does not equal my "poopy gas", which indicates I need to poop soon and I just pray it comes out sooner rather than later so I don't make work smell like a sewer!Meesh
Hi--It sounds like you have Salmonella or another bacteria or parasite in your gut. Many people have Salmonella in their bodies and it doesn't usually kill--but it does give off a really offensible odor which can spread everywhere. It could even be Giardia. The same thing happens. If you have it all of a sudden you might have ingested something that had Salmonella or some water or other beverage that had a trace of Giardia. Classic symptom is the instant and foul gas.Good luck!
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