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How did your IBS start?

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I was just wondering whether anyone else developed IBS after having a stomach virus. I had a stomach bug this past April, with attacks again in May and June, and since then I've been struggling with bouts of nausea and (occasionally) diarrhea--which has been diagnosed as IBS. The nausea is worse than the D; it feels like a fist clenched inside me, just above my belly button. I'm not even sure I have IBS. One reason is several people I work with have, starting this past spring, been struggling with symptoms almost identical to mine. I only have about 30 coworkers, and for 4 of us to have the same exact problems at the same time seems like too much of a coincidence. But maybe we all had the same virus, then all got IBS from it? Any ideas?
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My mother was dying from cancer of the head/neck and I was taking care of her. That's when mine started. A very stressful time in my life.
Mine just started. Horrible D one day and every day thereafter. I can't trace it to any incident.
Cigarettes; but that would just be the final insult to a digestive system I hadn't taken good care of, ever. Long term, aggressive supplementation has taken care of this plus a raft of similar health problems. I continue to be healthier than any time in the last 20 plus years. (Others can do this, too...most won't.)Mark
My IBS started after getting food poisoning (Campyolabacter). That was 19yrs ago and I'm still suffering!!
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I believe mine was from extreme stress at work and working 60 - 80 hours a week. Started vomiting during the night around May of 2001. Then vomiting during the day at work. Had to leave meetings and I thought life was hell then. I was very wrong. Then the intestinal pains, diarrhea, exhaustion, flu like symtoms started in June and finally had to leave work in July. Life had really been hell since. A new doctor here in Tucson has slowly changed all my meds and I think I'll be okay soon. At least that's what I keep telling myself......LOL
like gret, i cant place mine to one incident either. a year ago it came out of the blue and hasnt gone away since. its much better now because i manage it better thanks to medication. i did have problems as a child but i think it was anxiety more than anything and beta blockers worked and then i sort of grew out of the anxiety. i moved away from home and 18 months later.......wham bam the ibs started
Mine started after my ex-husband left me (for another woman) and I developed anorexia as a result of the stress. Once I started eating again, the IBS symptoms started showing up (in addition to the dairy allergies and chemical allergies, etc.)
Mine started when we found out some of the children on our street had been molested by a neighbor. One was my best friends son. My nephew told when he tried it with him. I had my first back pain at the first preliminary hearing, later diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. Then the IBS. The mans in jail, the kids are great. So to me, if I have to suffer with Fibro and IBS, thats okay because at least the kids are okay.God Bless
Sorry, I should have mentioned that I have been doing good the last year and a half until Oct 2003. My husband was diagnosed with rectal cancer. With God, family and good friends, we'll be okay again.
never a day of trouble till i became anorexic, starting eat a highcarb/lowfat/hi-fiber diet, and artificial sweeteners. smoking didn't help either. my body hasn't been the same since - dry hair, strange nails, dry skin, fat around my middle and not on my butt (used to be the other way around). i'm just a person re-arranged. i do not think my ibs has much to do with stress.
I started a raw food diet in response to an unrelated problem with sudden onset (truly excessive salivation, embarrassing and dismissed by my doc). it fixed the original problem but IBS started up. i came off it but my digestion didn't go back to normal. at least the original prob hasn't returned.
hi there,mine started 17 yrs ago when i went away to school. i guess i didnt think at the time i was stressed out but looking back i was. started with ibs-c..then i moved to another state and at the age of 19 had horrible eating habits...gained some wt ..yo-yo dieted..ibs-c became worse...then i got into nutrition..became a certified aerobic instructor/personal better than ever. my ibs-c became worse (go figure). 26 got married, horrible marriage, ibs a disaster, got a colonoscopy was told i had an elongated told me there was nothing i could do it would only get worse with age (nice huh) got divorced 5 yrs later. basically lost 25 lbs weighed about 100 lbs from over that gained wt got re-married...i am the less stressed than ever in my life great hubby nice house and my ibs -c is the horrible..i am getting tested monday for h.pylori and other tests..i cant figure it out...i think if i did i would be a millionaire ha ha ha....i just want one day of feeling normal..however that you are not alone...have a good day christine
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Mine started about 6 months after the birth of my daughter. I found being a mom pretty stressful in the beginning. It started as nausea and I thought I had a stomach bug, but it just never went away.Deirdre
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Hello WoodswomanSorry to hear all the trouble that you have been having with your IBS. Are you on medication from your doctor?? I am taking a drug called Mebeverine that seems to help but is by no means 100 percent effective.
Mine came on about 15 or more yrs ago when I was about 45, once in a while like every two months I would get violent diarreha, I thought it was the flu or bad food. Then the episodes started coming more and more often and getting worse. Went to GI doc , had the tests and was diag. with IBS D, which by the way, I think is what they tell you when they do not know what the ##### is wrong with you in the first place!!!!
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