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Hi guys,

I'm here to hopefully shine some light on this very limiting yet mysterious condition and hope to help at least 1 person out of my personal recovery

Before I begin, please note that in no way should you treat my advice as professional advice and instead it is merely personal advice that you may try.

I'm 23 years old from Australia and have had IBS namely IBS-C predominant and also IBS-D for several years now, since age 19 from memory.

i have definitely learned allot from personal research, experience and trial & error, which helped me almost recover from IBS and

have managed symptoms at almost 75% regardless of them coming back after some periods.
But I can definitively say that i still get returning symptoms, and its still mysterious at times.

What I believe makes IBS So mysterious and hard to solve is because it has Multiple causes for the same signs/symptoms and so unless you trial & error, research and record what you go through, when and what and why, you cant reach the root cause to solve ibs.

My Symptoms:
My most common & Odd signs/symptoms:
constipation, diarrhea, Fatigue, lightheadedness, headache/burning head pain, smell coming within my body (which after research found nothing relateable) and

bladder pain from urine ever since I had IBS even with urine tests ruling out no infections and nothing wrong.

My findings/Recovery advice:
I believe the Root cause to my IBS is either Constipation or Poor Health/Stress which caused irritation to my colon.

How Constipation causes Irritation and its many causes:
sedentary lifestyle, having previous infections/stomach pains leading to antibiotic uses in turn messing your gut bacteria leading to constipation and of course

the most MYSTERIOUS one of them all, YOU CAN ALSO GET CONSTIPATED Simply from being Irritated, that is merely from having IBS. Why?
This is because when your colon is irritated, there's periods of slow movement and fast movement. During slow intestinal movements, your colons absorb more water causing more hardened stools in-turn Constipation. And during random spasms, your stool moves fast which results in Diarrhea.

How Poor Health/Stress causes Irritation:
Not getting enough sleep, overall stress/emotional trauma, and or food poisoning, infection, Injury etc all can cause Irritation to your colon.

Without proper sleep, your body over stresses more than it already has, and that puts extra stress on your colon which needs recovery leading to irritation. Stress/emotional trauma affect you most when you're already irritated because your intestinal muscles already react to stress but are even more sensitive when they're irritated which leads to spasms. Ever wonder why u feel upset stomach and or feel diarrhea when you feel down and or stressed? that's why.

Now that we have some insight on how things work, to manage IBS, you need to solve/manage the root cause, and that is irritation

from Poor Health/Stress & Constipation.


Get enough good quality sleep. Stress less and manage your health/emotional well being. rule out infection, Injury, food poisoning etc. Take fish oil upon waking

and prior to sleep (helps fight inflammation), Do not over eat and eat less but right amount so u have lasting energy to allow your gut to heal.

Avoid triggering/irritating foods e.g If you're lactose, avoid dairy and take supplements, avoid spicey/soury foods, alcohol, coffee which irritate your colon and cause spasms.


what can help is: walking 30 mins daily (it can help strengthen your possibly weak intestinal muscles, taking probiotics but take them correctly, with fiber before you eat (prebiotic and probiotic) to balance ur gut flora if that's the cause, drinking plenty of water throughout the day to allow for more loose stools, taking

fiber but decreasing it if u feel pain/worse.
You might ask, why does fiber make me feel worse knowing im Constipated? From personal experience, I realized fiber can cause more watery stools and slower digestion, this causes your already irritated intestines to overwork leading to further irritation, spasms and in turn diarrhea! ever wondered why you had

constipation then suddenly diarrhea? that is why.
And Finally, all this might not help because your constipation is simply caused from your colon being irritated. its a repeated cycle. This is why i believe many people find constipation hard to solve. Irritation leading to Constipation, Constipation causing further irritation, blood, etc and repeats.

So what you need to do to solve this is you need to HEAL your inflammed/Irritated gut. Take Fish oil when you wake up and before you sleep, it fights inflammation. DO NOT OVER EAT. Eat the right amount so you have lasting energy throughout the day because Overeating from personal experience causes worsened IBS Symptoms and that i believe is because you're overworking your already irritated intestines.

There you have it. You rule out Constipation, you no longer feel fatigue, lightheartedness, nausea, blood, PUS, Recurring Irritation, Diarrhea etc which I had and

managed to control.

And if you also Rule out Poor Health/Stress, you avoid any IBS Symptom and Constipation altogether.

Final Word. don't get me wrong, there are more SERIOUS causes of Irritation such as Disease, food poisoning, Infection, Injury etc which I believe can go beyond Irritation and cause damage to your Colon and those causes I feel make IBS that much more permanent and harder to manage.

Luckily, My IBS although has bad and limiting symptoms, I feel is only MILD compared to what some people feel with worse IBS, such as frequent spasms/attacks and pains which I feel is more serious.

And that's it folks! haha. I hope my personal experience, and recovery can help anyone in anyway and wish you the best of luck in your journey

in fighting this terrible and very limiting condition.

Please reply if my advice has helped you in anyway and or if you can relate.
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