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How I got rid of bloating, gas, nausea, cramping with my irritable bowel

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I want to thank everyone for writing to my post and their input on my post regarding ozone curing irritable bowel. I'm new to this wonderful forum!
(I initially read about ozone therapy for curing diarrhea in Ronald Hoffman, M.D.'s book "Seven Weeks to a Settled Stomach".) Ozone was used initially to try to cure AIDS but as a side benefit, nearly all were cured of their diarrhea! Here is some further information on ozone and some help below on how I finally got rid of terrible cramping, bloating, nausea and gas with my irritable bowel.I spoke toa gentleman today who had irritable bowel for 15 years (loose stools, know!) and then he developed Crohn's after undergoing a lot ofstress.He underwent the three days of ozone treatment and improved remarkably andthen did some rectal insufflation. He is cured today. He was the impetusfor my giving it a whirl next week.One of my alternative doctors also recommended ultraviolet blood irradiationfor me but it is much more expensive. ($1000 to $1600) Also I developsevere Herxheimer reactions with yeast die-off and this method of UBIkilling of yeast is much more efficient so I am going to go slow and ozonekills fungus at a slower rate. Ozone therapy will be about $350.I have nothing to lose at this point. I am VERY ill, on disability becauseof so many bowel movements during the day. I spend most of the day in bedor on the couch because I am too weak. to walk. Traditional doctors havedone NOTHING for with me with their antispasmodics or antidiarrheals!NOTHING!The ONLY relief I have ever achieved so far is with the antifungals ofnystatin, Sporanox and oral amphotericin-B. Dr. Elmer Cranton at discusses this three prong approach. Paper are the specific sites to go to. This combo basically abolishedall the cramping and terrible bloating and severe gas I had
Before I took the medication, I would react to any and every food it seemed, beef, chix, grains, milk, rice, vegetables. You name it, and it would cause immediate bloating and SEVERE discomfort, bloating, pain and cramping! However after a few weeks of medication therapy, I improved dramatically with less discomfort. Months later I had minimal discomfort and some days none now whatsoever! However I still have multiple bowel movements and can't seem to cure or get rid of therest of the yeast. So overall I've had a 50% imnprovement. I had a 4+ yeast overgrowth on the Great SmokiesComprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis stool test. (Ashland, NorthCarolina).If anyone gets this test done, PLEASE be sure to get (unfortunately!) themore expensive one as it is MUCH more accurate than the cheaper test.FIVE board certified doctors said I had irritable bowel, and they have donenothing for me! At least I am getting some relief with the antifungals andproper low carb/no sugar diet.Hope this information helps you. If anyone does get the Great Smokies testdone and has yeast overgrowth, please let me know. I'd like to correspondwith you! Their web address is and their toll freenumber is 1 800 522 4762. They will supply you with a list of doctors inyour area who does this test. While I know there is great controversy infinding yeast in the stool, AT LEAST this test and its recommendationshelped me 50% in my symptoms.
FOR THIS I AM TRULY GRATEFUL! I seem tohave a problem of growing resistant to yeast and then have to changeantifungals so I am still working at it.I had another friend of mine who was diagnosed with irritable bowel also by traditional physicians via colonoscopy etc. I suggested that he get the Great Smokies lab test done for yeast and he had a 2+. (Mine was 4+) His symptoms are similar to mine except he is able to hold down a job. He has loose stools on occasion, urgency, gas, bloating. This is why I encourage everyone who was diagnosed with irritable bowel to try getting tested for yeast at the Great Smokies Lab, their comprehensive stool test. Your symptoms may be completely resolved with the proper diet and medication!
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I have had IBS for twenty nine years and spent almost 17,000 dollars in traditional medical testing and a $100.00 dollars for a hypnotherapy tape that has resolved the issue at the momment.Diane, do a search for the smokies lab and some of the things you mention in the search option of this BB.I am glad you are finding some relief, but reading your last two posts really has me baffled. I am sorry to hear how disabling this is to you and would love to help you and will if I can. I even understand the frustration of the current meedical community not be able to help as they don't know exactly what the problem is although they are learning.But, why would ozone help IBS?------------------
Dr. Cranton sounds like a
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If you breathe some pure ozone for a while, you'd could look like this guy
Now imagine how you would feel if you had it from the other direction.[This message has been edited by flux (edited 01-26-2000).]
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Hi, Diane,Can you describe what Herxheimer reactions are like? Thanks, good luck.------------------Cultivate gratitude. Believe in possibilities.
Thank you kindly Eric for your email and your concerns about the severity of my irritable bowel. But I see you have been through the barrel and the ringer too! I am glad to see you are feeling better with the hypnosis.
How often have you listened to the tape before it helped you? Do you listen to it every day? When do you listen to the tape (how soon after a meal?) Where did you purchase the tape at? The ozone according to what I have read does two things: improves the immune system by increasing white blood cells through increased oxygenation.Also it is antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. Ozone for example is used to disinfect swimming pools for example.Of course the proof of the pudding will be next week; I'll keep everyone posted. My feelings is that if it does not work, well then onto the blood irradiation and if that doesn't work, then I'll keep trying and trying and trying! There HAS to be an answer out there! Diane-2
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Dear HipJan,Thanks for your question
Herxheimer reactions at least for me resulted in an elevated temperature, very low grade about .5 to 1 degree higher than normal. But the worse is that my diarrhea INCREASED! According to all the books I read Herxheimer reactions are a good thing because of the yeast die-off. However for some reason, I just get worse and worse with them. For some reason I am unable to process all the toxins that are being created with the die-off. I have done a lot of research on how to tone down the Herxheimer reaction and just recently came up with the following: 1 teaspoon of vitamin C every hour (I would recommend buffered vitamin C with sodium to keep the body alkaline) and also to drink plenty of water. I am SEVERELY dehydrated due to all the dehydration so perhaps that it is why I am unable to recover from them. I drink a whopping gallon of water a day but so far unable to rehydrate myself. I am in the process of investigating IV drip water therapy to help rehydrate myself.My major problem with dehydration is actually finding a sympathetic doctor who realizes this is a serious condition, and I need help! I did just order some potassium/sodium electrolytes so this might help. I have read in other forums that some people with Hx. reactions get aches and pains and flu-like symptoms. Personally I have not experienced this...just a slightly elevated temp and MORE diarrhea!Diane-2
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Yes, breathing ozone is a definite NO!Rectal insufflation and ozonating blood is the safe way to go!Diane-2
Both are equally..
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Hi Diane=2O have had two of the same Great Smokeys expensive tests and tested 2+ for canidida both times. The first time I also had some other ugly bacteria..citrobacter or something like that. I have gotten some releif from taking garlic, but its not quite good enough. I have gotten extensive releif from daily exercise and cutting out wheat, corn, dairy and most sugars. However I still have some symptoms..mostly G, my D and C which were alternating weekly are fairly infrequent these days. I hate to think of giving up my job, that must be really hard. Sometimes I'm not sure how my coworkers tolerate me, its very depressing.I have been taking some other herbs RF Plus that contains slippery elm and some probiotics that help soemwhat too.
Dr. Cranton is one of the best physicians in the country and a true pioneer!
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HI Jane-93It's nice to hear you also have gotten some relief.
Any relief is a plus! I have been reading a Dr. Stoll's web site and he recommends 6 billion of the acidophilus FOUR times a day.I have not been doing this so perhaps this might be helpful. Just curious, was garlic the only substance recommended to get rid of your yeast? No medications? Diane-2
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Diane, I actually wish I could talk you out of doing this, but if you think it will help that is your decision. Some of the older member on this bb have seen alot and discussed alot, I personally have done a ton of research and think like Flux and Charlie have stated this will not help your IBS. It might even hurt you. I know its hard because we are all looking for answers, but after a year of really looking at this hard and still not totally understanding it,but having a better idea, the ozone treatment would not even come close to the problem. How would ozone effect serotonin coming from the brain, which is the current thinking from the medical community.On another note, we have a woman on here who was housebound and used the hypnotherapy and left the house for the first time since Nov 98. I don't know what all the answers are, some of us are suffering from various conditions combined and there are many GI diseases and syndromes. I do wish you well and I will help if I can and no offence at how your trying to accomplish feeling better this condition will drive you to try all your options. I just thing it might save you time and money with a different approach. The new drugs will be out soon it looks like, hypno is an option, and some other management options. Good luck.Take a look at my site if you haven't.
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I've never heard the term "rectal insufflation" before, but if it's what I think it is, it gives new meaning to the term "ozone hole."[This message has been edited by humblbumbl (edited 01-27-2000).]
Yep, he is a pioneer, in espousing
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Yes .. I take 2 500mg garlic three times a day between meals. There was a culture test as part of the lab results that showed which substances inhibited candida growth (I think I haven't actually looked at this for a while). Uva Ursi was another natural substance that prohibits yeast growth, but it is more expensive... I'm seeing a naturopath as I had bad experiences with both regular doctors and the prescriptions they gave she doesn't prescribe the usual meds.For two days when I first start taking it, I have a terible time with the yeast die off or whatever you want to call it.However over the past few days I'm beginning to wonder if it really is working..all my grossest symptoms are back to remind me I'm not normal.I first went to a naturopath 3 years ago and them I went a few weeks ago again. I don't know how to find a good regular western doctor who doesn't think I'm wasting their time.On the plus side I have almost no pain most days, even less bloating and I have even lost the C that I used to get alternating with D and continuous G. I may have gotten some of this from changes in diet and exercise too..its hard to tell.I think something is working, but its not a miracle cure...and it certainly doesn't make life at work any easier
..especially in a cubicle farm. I'll check out Dr Stolls site thanks
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Hi Diane - Is Ozone a prescription med? Also, do you know exactly what got rid of your gas? I have tons of gas!
I too have a yeast problem. I have cut all yeasty food and sugary food from my diet and take a supplement to kill off the yeast. I have improved so much over the last couple of months. I cannot stray from the diet however because my symptoms return. I actually took my daughters out for the day last week which is something I havent done for years.Do try to keep up with your antifungals if you can and make sure you are not eating any foods that might be undoing all the good work you are doing. As for flux, well I wish he would keep some of his ridiculous comments to himself. He poo-poos things he obviously knows nothing about which stops other people from trying new avenues to try and get better.
I replied on another posting Diane. Allie, how long have you been on antifungal/s, what is/are they, and what dosage do you take? Do you have to have liver enzymes drawn?
Thanks for writing to those who posted Thursday and Friday. I'm very under the weather today from the IBS and so my apologies but I am unable to correspond right now and answer your questions/posts. Tomorrow I go down for the ozone for the next week so I will write everyone when I get back. If it doesn't work, I'll let everyone know; I will put on my armor suit for the onslaughts of posts and pictograms saying "I told you so...that it wouldn't work!" ;-)But that's okay, I have a thick have to in order to get through all of this! Have a great week everyone, let's all enjoy our lives between trips to the bathroom, and hope to hear from more of you. I'll answer you all when I get back
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