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How is the Lotronex working for those who have it?

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How is the lotronex working for those who have it? Is it as great as we remembered? My Dr. still has not received his packet or stickers, so I'm just playing the waiting game! I called Glaxo to check on the status of my Drs. packet, but he said the nurse or Dr. has to call, so she said she would. I bet I'm still looking at the 1st of the year! Is anyone else playing this waiting game? I sure wanted it for Christmas!!!!!!!!!
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I'm waiting also. Finally found a doctor who would prescribe and he sent the paper work in this week. I was hoping to have it for Christmas but looks like I won't. I wonder how long after the paperwork is sent that the doctor gets his packet back? I'm so anxious to get it!! The waiting is killing me!!
Well, I've taken it since Monday and I can tell a difference. It is like before, I am going through an adjustment. You feel like you have to go, but don't, still nervous if the stomach is going to freak out, but doesn't. That type of feeling. I believe I will have to go to the two a day, but only time will tell. The biggest adjustment is coming off the usual schedule. Morning and early afternoon...bad, rest of the day...recovering and not so bad. Then starting over the next day. It's been pretty good so far, I will pop back in after the weekend (traveling 1.5 hrs for Christmas dinner) and let you know how it went.Merry Christmas and hang in there :)Jeremy
I started taking the one pill last Friday and within 48 hours, I was back to normal, or at least the "normal" I had experienced when I was on the lotronex 2 years ago. It's the same little miracle pill!! The last 2 years without it it was a scramble to regulate with lomotil and zofran, neither being nearly as effective as lotronex. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones. bill
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I took my first Lotronex yesterday. I was fine up until 7pm then - you know what! All night long. Then I took my second one this morning. Nothing of yet but I'm not sure? It will take another day or so I'm guessing.The first time I was on Lotronex it worked the same day I took it. Now I am paranoid thinking it may not work. I know it is just paranoia. I'll keep you all posted in the next few days.
Lotronex Lover, I'm in the same boat, wondering why the Lotronex has not kicked in like the first time. One pill yesterday and two today and here i am with very bad cramps still. Been trying to figure out what is going on? Let us know how things are tomorrow. MALI
Yesterday I had some cramping. Today...I had to take an Immodium. What the heck is going on here? Before it worked day one. I only take 1/2 pill a day. I am thinking of bumping it up to 1 pill a day. The first day I took it I took 1 whole pill and still got sick. Tomorrow I will take a whole pill and report back to you guys. Maybe they gave us placebo Lotronex to shut us up.
I just don't get it. I hope it kicks in before Christmas!
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I have been on Lotronex since Monday evening and today is the first day I have felt like it's working again. I think that 50% of my problem was that I was worried about it working and the rest was the normal changes in your body when switching medications. (I went form Zofran back to Lotronex). My first two-three days were pretty bad - I lived in the bathroom at work and my commutes were filled with bathroom stops and anxiety.So I am not disappointed by the time it took to "kick" in, I am happy that it did. We should all try to be patient and remember that we got it back and that's the main thing.Happy Holidays to all!
It's been 5 hours since my last post. I just popped ANOTHER Immodium. Come on Lotronex kick in, kick in!!!! It's day 4 already.
From what I remember reading about the studies, maximum relief happened at about 1-2 weeks. I don't remember feeling better overnight. Hang in there!
I remember that before it took a week to a month, it was not instant. I had a good week up until Yesterday, then BAM, really bad day, just when I was getting ready to go for a 2 hr drive. Same story this morning, so I had to take an Imodium to get back home. I was also on 2mg before, so it may take a little while to get in the system.Jeremy
I think it's supposed to work in three weeks. Be patient and relax. Love,ECT
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I take the one dose before going to bed, and feel way better the next morning (no cramps, urgency, mostly normal BM--only ONE today, much higher energy level
) for part of the day, until it wears off. After that, I have the same old problems. Obviously I need the 2nd dose, so I'll have to get by with Zofran for the balance of the day until next month. My doctor said that I know more about this drug than he does, and wants me on the 2mg ASAP, since that's what worked so well for me before.
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Day 6...still cramping. Really BAD cramping. I notice when I take 1 mg. at one time it gives me pain in my back in my kidney area. So, I decided to take 1/2 pill today. I'll take the second half at night. I remembering it working overnite for me and 1-3 days for all of the others that I have spoken to. I'm still not giving up. If I go out I will pop some Immodium! Cramps, gas...oh, it's terrible.Come on little blue guy!!!
Day five for me, and the best day yet, so I think it is taking hold. The effects last for about 12 hours. I will probably need the 2nd pill a lot of the time, so I'll be glad when this month is over and I can get the 2 per day prescription. Tracy, I'm sorry you are still having problems. Did you allow time for whatever you were taking instead of Lotronex to get out of your system? My doctor had me tapering off Desipramine before I got my Lotronex prescription. Don't know if it really made a difference, but maybe.
There seems to be men on this board taking Lotronex? How did you get it? Please let me know. Thanks.
I was on it before, so my Doc (not the one who prescribed it before) prescribed it to me. Insurance won't pay though.Jeremy
i am also a man who was on it before... and my insurance IS paying for it. if anyone is in philly and needs a great pharmacy, try the rite aid on 23rd and walnut. the pharmacist specially ordered it for me before i got the script, and she promises to reorder it every month.took a pill this a.m. and felt great all day... until xmas dinner hit. i've gone so many times since then that i just decided to smoke good old fashioned mary jane (my OTHER miracle drug) to tide me over until tomorrow a.m. can't wait for the days when we can take two doses...good luck to all,ben
Day 8 I still had to pop Immodium. Day 9 is today. So far, so good. We'll see. If this keeps not doing the trick I will take 1 1/2 Lotronex a day and see if that improves. It is doing SOMETHING but not like it did in the past.
Lotoronexlover - try taking your dose 2x a day. ONce in the morning and once at night. I think the key is to keep the meds in your system throughout the day. My doc prescribed 1/2 pill a day ( I was on 2 pills a day last time). I bumped it up to 1/2 in a.m. and 1/2 in p.m. This has been working great. Good luck
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