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Not all pills are created equally! You may never elliminate cramps with the pill you are on. In fact, I had a friend who went on one of the common pills and she had worse cramps, bloating etc. I recommend the pill Mircette. Unlike other pills that drop to a placebo for a whole week (to trigger the period), Mircette only drops you placebo for two days, then brings your hormones up to a medium level.This is good for IBS sufferers because big hormone shifts seem to be triggers to bloating and constipation. So it keeps your more level.I still get subtle cramps, a little ache. But nothing compared to what I get when not on Mircette. It also helps keep you more emotionally stable. I was put on it originally to help with emotional PMS side effects.Ask you doctor about it! It costs around 28$ a month I think, but I am not certain as I have a perscription plan!~Alexis Parker
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