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How many have had weight gain with Zelnorm? nm

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Not me, that's for sure. I do read a lot on these boards that people gain weight. Damn, wish I could gain some weight, I've been losing since I even knew I had IBS. I can eat high calorie foods and go over my limit of calories and either not gain, or just lose. I really don't like losing weight when I'm sick, meaning with IBS. I would rather do it on my own. Are you gaining weight?? if so, how much and how often, and how much Zelnorm are you taking. Jadairr
Hi Suzie,I've been on Zelmac (that's the name it's marketed under in Australia), for 4 weeks now and yes, I too have gained weight, about 3 - 4 kgs.
I am IBS C, what about you?The first 4 days were a nightmare on Zelmac, as my bloating and abdominal pain increased 10 fold. Then it settled down and I was really happy with how I was feeling until my clothes started to get tighter and tighter on me! It is very frustrating, esp when it's Summer here at the moment and you want to be feeling good about yourself at the beach and just generally when you go out.So I guess that's the price we have to pay for feeling better
I'd be interested to know how long you've been taking Zelmac and how you're feeling (besides the weight gain).Michelle
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IBS C here, and I do believe Zelnorm is prescribed for IBS C, not IBS D.j
I apologize, I could have sworn I read you were IBS Dooopsj
Hi Jadair and micbutler,I just received samples from GI doctor to start Zelnorm but I haven't yet because I am afraid of weight gain. That's why I was asking as I had heard that some were gaining weight and I definitely don't need that, so now I don't know whether to start it or not. The samples are 6 mg and I wondered if I should cut the pills in half and start with 3 mg. I am just so confused as to what to do at this point.
Suzie, I've been on Zelnorm for 3 weeks now and I haven't gained an ounce. What it is doing for me is allowing me to tolerate foods like raw fruit, vegetables, things I love and that are low in calories, but that I couldn't eat before for the pain they'd deliver.I'm 5'5" and weigh 120 pounds, slim. Before Zelnorm I was bloated, my stomach always felt fat and my face and fingers puffy. Now I'm feeling much better.I'm now also able to tolerate Lactulose, which helps as well with regularity and decreasing the feeling of bloat.Give it a try, ok? It's worth a try, at least.
I take 6mg at night, the 12mg dosage seemed too much to me, and I add a packet of Lactulose. If you're still constipated on Zelnorm, you could add Colace which is a safe for long-term use OTC product, according to my gastroenterologist, who is a most calm and sensible person. Or try Miralax if you can get a script. In any case, please don't suffer needlessly. Best wishes to you!
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Can't edit my last post, but wanted to add, I've had GI trouble for *years*. I've tried everything from Milk of Magnesia to enemas, but Zelnorm has made me feel more comfortable than I have in a long, long time, and resistant as I've been to IBS treatments, this is working. I have another medical condition contributing to the IBS-C, and thought I'd never find anything that would eliminate (pun intended
) the IBS that accompanies it.
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Fullmoon,Thanks so much. I am 5'6" and weigh 120 pounds but suffer from such a bloated stomach that I justcan't imagine gaining weight, too. It is hard enough with the the bloating to get clothes to fit. I stay away from refined carbs and breads which aggravate my bloating and constipation, so if I continue to eat in a healthy way, maybe the Zelnorm will work and not cause weight gain. Would you suggest starting with just one 6 mg pill for a few days and see how it goes? Do you take yours on an empty stomach or with food? Thanks again for your encouragement.
Suzie, I started out the first week taking 12mg, 6mg morning, 6mg at night. By the end of that first week I was very uncomfortable and disappointed. Second week cut back to just the nighttime dose and added a packet of Lactulose. Still pretty bloated, but better. Third week, everything just seemed to ease, began to have some regular bowel movement, and most importantly, the bloating reduced substantially, it's SO nice to have a flat tummy! I've been eating an apple a day, and oatmeal in the mornings, salads and lean meats.I take the Zelnorm an hour or so before eating dinner, and drink the Lactulose after dinner. I tried taking the Zelnorm before bed but without something in my stomach it made me a bit queasy.In the mornings I have a cup of hot tea and a glass of iced tea, wait a bit, then prepare a small dish of oatmeal and have anther cup of hot tea and glass of iced tea. Following this regimen I've become quite regular and so very much more comfortable. Before, my eating habits had become erratic because of the discomfort, and I was afraid to eat salad, fruit, rice, because I'd inflate like a rubber raft and cramp up like a colicky horse. It was hard even to drink much liquid because of the gurgling and feeling of fullness, seemed like I was just doomed to always be constipated, my intestines just didn't have enough fiber, water, or motility to function.If it doesn't work at first, hang tough and give it a decent run, three weeks at least. And don't be afraid to add something like Colace or Miralax, by itself it may not take care of the chronic constipation, but it sure does make it possible to introduce and tolerate foods and other meds that do.
Good luck, let us know how it works for you.
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I have been on Zelmac for about 12 months now. Although I noticed an increased appetite, particularly earlier on, and I have been eating more, I have gained no weight at all. In fact, I have lost a couple of kilograms.
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