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1. When I'm in class, people around me breathe out really hard, casually cover their noses, and lean away from me.

2. My problem started with excessive gas in freshman year high school, transformed into LG by middle of sophomore year.

3. I don't feel the "heat" when I'm sitting around at home around my parents, only in public.

4. I imagine something like cigarette smoke seeping out of my ass

5. I feel heat also. There's also this very subtle feeling in my gut, I don't know how to describe it.

6. Went to three different gastros, they said it was my diet, it wasn't. I asked my primary doctor if it could be caused by pelvic floor muscle and he laughed in my face.

7. It's worse sitting down for me also. I think it's cause when you sit down, your pelvic floor muscles don't flex as much.

8. Usually I don't smell it myself, but I smell it after I poop in the morning.

9. In my senior year high school, my first class was at 8am. Usually, my LG isn't so bad at 8am because I poop before going to school. But the first day of class, I got assigned to sit next to my crush, and I guess the more I tried to hold it in, the more it came out. She changed seats 2 days later, feelsbad...
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