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1) I have a sedentary lifestyle as a student.

2) I strained very hard before I got this. Approximately 2 years now.

3) Dismissed by doctors, done colonoscopy, anal manometry, breath tests, biofeedback. Cured internal hemorrhoids, found out that I was lactose intolerant, and biofeedback helped me defecate properly (techniques can be found online)

4) currently in college, last 3 semesters were the death of me.

5) currently on the low sulfur diet of only whole wheat pasta, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, and sometimes chicken. Also supplementing with charcoal and chlorophyllin to reduce the smell.

6) When I sit for too long or when I get nervous, sphincter contracts, unable to relax. Pressure on pelvic floor/anus.

7) before 2 weeks of exercise, I have been unable to hold gas,and I had constant warm air but now after pelvic floor squats, sometimes dumbbell exercises, I can hold some gas, and the feeling of bubbles escaping me came back. Overall slight improvement.

8) my family can't smell me either. I can only smell myself after eating protein.

9) I have been to psychiatrists, been put on risperdal for obsessive thoughts and mirtazapine for trauma and anxiety. They did not work for me, but the diet and supplements proved to be more helpful for anxiety. I will always be reminded of lg as long as I can feel it escape me. Relaxation techniques help.

10) everyone has different causes to their lg. I am focusing on the exercise theory because that's what my body is telling me. The pressure I feel on the pelvic floor wants me to get up. There is no immediate cure for this. If you're adamant something you try is working, keep at it for the long-run.
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